10 Most Dangerous Habits For Kidney’s Health

The kidneys, which are one of the most important paired organs, purify the body’s blood. They are also involved in the regulation of water-salt balance, blood pressure, and other processes. Without proper kidney function, the body will not be able to function fully. However, few people think that their habits can cause irreparable harm to them. In this article, we will mention such habits that can damage your kidneys so that you can eliminate them.

Bad Habits You Need To Eliminate

According to doctors, get rid of these ten habits if you want to keep your kidneys healthy.

1. Overuse Of Painkillers

You should take Paracetamol-based drugs, which are especially popular with many colds, analgesics, and aspirin, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, with caution and as directed by a doctor.

The body of one person may not respond to these drugs, while another will give an acute reaction caused by an overdose. These drugs can cause irreplaceable damage to the kidneys, so you better quit using them.

2. Smoking

Nicotine and other impurities primarily affect the vessels, causing their walls to narrow and harden. As a result, the blood supply to all vital organs gets disrupted, kidneys do not receive enough oxygen and the nutrients they need.  A person who smokes has disorders of renal glomerular filtration, and all due to vascular atherosclerosis.

This creates the prerequisites for the development of nephrosclerosis – a pathology in which the kidney tissue gets replaced by connective tissue. And the organ itself decreases in size and gradually stops its work. Experts believe that to avoid such a situation, a person should say goodbye to smoking once and for all.

Initially, you can use vape, which is a safer substitute to tobacco cigarettes. However, if you are a beginner looking for cheap E liquid UK, know that there are several online stores you can get them from. So just order them to save your health, especially your kidneys.

3. Salt Abuse

Nobody belittles the benefits of salt for the body; moreover, a person cannot live more than 11 days without salt at all. But in recent years, there has been a trend towards a dangerous increase in the amount of this additive in the diet of modern humans. Doctors sound the alarm because if this continues, the number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases will only grow.

Arterial hypertension, edema syndrome, and kidney disease – this is an incomplete list of pathologies that develop as a result of excessive salt intake. It is the kidneys that are responsible for the excretion of excess ions in the urine, and if their function gets impaired, the work intensifies, and the development of edema suffers. As a result, the entire metabolism as a whole will suffer.

4. Too Much Protein

All excess protein gets excreted from the body through the kidneys. Protein and its breakdown products increase the load on this organ. And when the kidneys cannot cope with the excretion of these substances, stones can appear in them. The appearance of kidney stones is rather painful and may even require surgery.

5. Drinking Little Water

Insufficient fluid intake, in particular plain water, can be detrimental to the kidneys. It is under the condition of high-quality and timely rehydration of the kidneys that they do their main job of removing toxins and decay products from the body.

And if there is little water, then the function of this organ gets disrupted. In severe cases, fluid deficiency leads to dehydration and the appearance of characteristic symptoms – darkening of urine, a decrease in its amount, weakness, fatigue, a decrease in blood pressure, etc.

6. Abuse Of Semi-Finished Products

You are putting yourself at great risk by eating foods rich in salt and phosphorus. Frequent consumption of foods with phosphorus negatively affects both kidneys as well as human bones. For those who already have kidney problems, it is better to eliminate this food from the diet completely.

7. Lack Of Sleep

Kidney tissues get renewed precisely at night during sleep. If you often do not get enough sleep, go to bed late and get up early, then the renewal process does not go completely. As a result, this can lead to disruption of the organ’s work. If not getting enough sleep becomes a habit, it is going to really harm your kidney in the longer run.

8. Having Lots of Caffeine

Consuming large amounts of caffeine, which is found not only in coffee but also in various soft drinks, is harmful to the body in general. For the kidneys, this harm is of a special nature. Caffeine has diuretic properties, so it makes the kidneys work harder and puts extra stress on them—so more caffeine in your diet, more stress on the kidneys.

9. Sedentary Lifestyle

Today, many work in offices and institutions, where they have to sit for almost the entire working day. But such a lack of activity can harm the kidneys and cause congestion. To restore blood circulation, make it a habit to do a little warm-up every hour.

If there are already any kidney diseases, the main stake should be made on physiotherapy exercises, taking into account the type of the disease and its stage, the patient’s age and sex, and the level of his physical fitness.

A person should perform all exercises should at a calm and measured pace, excluding any increased muscle tension. At the same time, there is great importance of proper breathing, which, together with physical education, enhances the function of the adrenal glands and reduces inflammation in the kidneys.

10. Rash Diets

Too strict diets that actively burn fat disrupt the natural balance of substances in the body and negatively affect the kidneys. However, kidneys get a double blow from such diets since they filter blood with an imbalanced diet and do not receive useful substances for their functioning.

Take Away

For the well-being of a person, it is extremely important that the kidneys function properly. If they don’t, your whole body is going to suffer. So we mentioned some harmful habits that are detrimental to the kidney’s well-being. You need to give them up so you can live healthily.

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