3 Signs You Might Have A Medical Malpractice Case

Just like other professionals, sometimes medical practitioners end up making mistakes while carrying out their work. Usually, mistakes of minor nature can’t cause any harm to the patients. However, a tremendous error and an integration of numerous minor mistakes can have several disastrous impacts on the patients. To prove that a case has occurred due to medical malpractice, the Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys should be able to prove that a healthcare provider:

  • Was bounded by a duty of care for improving the patient’s health
  • Has breached the norms stated within the “standard of care.” The professional has failed to act or behave reasonably or didn’t behave in a way a trained person would have behaved under similar conditions.
  • The error or certain breach has caused real harm to the patient.

The three signs that depict you have gone through a medical malpractice case is as follows:

  • Performing medical procedures without informed consent

The nature of most medical procedures is risky, while they can give rise to future complications. Before carrying out a treatment, a doctor must explain the benefits and risks of the same, so the patient is informed about his wants. Lack of informed consent takes place when:

  • A physician performed a procedure which the patient wasn’t aware of.
  • A doctor didn’t sufficiently discuss the benefits and risks related to a treatment
  • If the doctor had explained the dangers of the treatment, the patient could have chosen a different alternative or would have rejected the treatment offer.

For example, if a heart surgeon is operating to replace a patient’s valve. Suppose the surgeon has observed damage inside the second heart valve during this procedure and replaces it, although the patient hasn’t agreed to the second process. If the second heart valve causes no harm, it can’t be called a malpractice case. Whereas, if the second valve replacement gives rise to long-lasting and serious infection, this can be included in the medical malpractice case.

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  • Extraordinary results

Doctors are responsible for explaining the risks and advantages of a medical treatment that can occur down the line-although they don’t have to explain an unusually high risk. If a patient is experiencing a weird health symptom after treatment, this is a symbol of an error that has been committed while carrying out the medical procedure. For example, a surgeon has performed a biopsy on the abdomen- that is a simple process involving a quick recovery. However, a week later, a serious fever, bloating, and abdominal pain occur, deteriorating the patient’s health condition. After scanning the doctor’s abdomen, the doctors have found a surgical sponge that was left during the biopsy inside the doctors’ room.

  • A medical practitioner has informed you about the mistake.

Under the Communication and Optimal Resolution program developed by the agency of healthcare research and quality, the health care providers and hospitals are required to address medical mistakes properly. CANDOR seeks a medical practitioner to apologize to his patients or offer them a reasonable compensation amount. In the case of medical malpractice, the Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys will strive to attain the most favorable outcome that can match their client’s interests.

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