4 easy ways to make your business vehicle last longer

Purchasing a new business vehicle can be exciting, but it can also be a hefty investment. If your company has expanded to the point you require the asset as a necessity for operations, obtaining business car finance can be beneficial to get you on the road sooner. Once you’ve got your ride in order to make sure your new purchase lasts as long as possible, there are a few easy steps you can take which will have a big impact on how long your business vehicle lasts.

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Schedule regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure a long life for your vehicle. Be sure to check your oil, coolant and other liquids regularly, as well as perform any necessary repairs immediately.

Going above and beyond with maintenance will help you avoid problems later on that can be costly or inconvenient down the line.

Keep the car clean

Unsightly stains and scuff marks on your vehicle can diminish its appeal, but they can also cause additional damage over time if they are not addressed. Therefore, keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean will help to prevent wear and tear that could shorten its lifespan.

Keeping the interior and exterior clean is simple with a good car wash that cleans deeper than just surface grime, or you can do it yourself with store-bought cleaner and a soft cloth. Either way, it will be well worth the effort in prolonging your vehicle’s life.

Maintain your car’s battery

A car’s battery can die for a number of reasons unrelated to the quality or age of your car, but one way to help mitigate this risk is by performing an inspection every so often. Keep track of when you replaced your oil, air filter and other parts in order to have a good idea of when the battery will need to be replaced.

Inspecting your battery will require a few simple steps. First, make sure the car is off and cool before removing it from its compartment. Then, inspect the battery itself for cracks or other damage. Check the fluid levels connected to the battery while you’re at it before replacing it in its compartment and start your engine to ensure that everything has been closed correctly.

Know when it’s time to retire

Depending on the type of car you’ve purchased, you may need to consider an early end of service date based on its km’s or hours in use. A quick and easy way to find out when that date is is through the use of an online service that will notify you when it is time to trade in.

Caring for your car the right way means it won’t stop working prematurely due to neglect or poor maintenance practices. Remember these four simple steps and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your vehicle.

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