4 Tools to Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home

With the outbreak of the Covid-19, companies all around the world witnessed a major work crisis because of the unavailability of the proper technology and know-how required by the employees, many of whom had never worked from home previously to serve the purpose.

The majority of these virtual provisions were instated abruptly, which left the management and the employees to explore this new type of work culture while dealing with personal worries and the nation’s health crisis.

If there is no intentional real effort from both ends, working remotely, — particularly during this stressful, unsettled period, can leave employees feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, uninspired, and anxious.

Having to produce the same efficiency from outside the office as supposed to be produced while working in an office can be hard, which ultimately results in lower productivity and more working hours.

Thankfully there are several tools to perform tasks like scheduling video conferences, creating content, managing projects, share documents, edit PDFs, etc.

Different Softwares to Increase Productivity

When it comes to applications that increase productivity during work from home, there are several applications available in different domains such as helping to focus on work, communicating with teams, video conferencing, managing projects, editing documents, etc.

Blocking App

When it comes to working from home, the most challenging task is to keep even concentration throughout the day especially when you do not have a conducive work environment.

This software enables you to organize your daily routine of work properly, focuses on stopping notifications of different applications that may act as distractions, and also provides focus music options to concentrate more.

The App motivates employees to work in highly effective power sessions of 20-90 minutes with frequent, rest periods, in addition to blocking certain applications.

Communication App

Another challenging factor while working from home is the communication gap created between different employees and managers because teams diverge between locations.

These apps were created by remote employees for virtual employees. The original idea was to substitute time-consuming email conversations with an approach that would allow teams to interact and collaborate from anywhere.

Virtual Calling App

Many comprehensive video calling applications are used by working professionals as well as the education sector. It provides a host of options including video recording for later usage.

The advent of the lockdown raised its popularity to greater heights across the world and almost everybody resorted to this application.


The tedious yet immensely important job of document maintenance is another challenge faced by remote workers across the nation. PDFSimpli is the go-to place to convert PDF to Word and other file formats.

This pdf editing tool is completely free and does not require you to download any unnecessary extension on your device and yet provides you with all sorts of editing tools for a PDF.


Being unaware of the type of work culture in any organization that is required to maintain an equilibrium between professional and personal life is the main problem for workers to work in a virtual space.

Companies and team leaders will need to rethink their work cultures to allow employees to work from home to achieve efficiency.

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