5 Fantastic Tips to Boost Your Eyelash Growth within a Month

Our eyelashes are more than just hairs that grow at the end of our eyelids, they are elements of protection from small dust particles and also doubles up as a beauty enhancer for our eyes and our face.

Can you imagine a woman without eyelashes? Sure, you must have seen a woman or two with their eyebrows completely shaved off, there’s a Mona Lisa painting, famously beautiful even without the eyebrows.

But it’s hard to find a person without eyelashes unless they have had an accident or are suffering from a condition that causes stunted eyelash growth or eyelash loss.

Long, dark eyelashes on a thick lash line enhance the femininity of a woman’s face, they are also indications of good health.

But there are countless things that can make the eyelashes fall off before completing their growth cycle, resulting in stunted lashes on a thin lash line.

You may think that the thinning of the lash line or premature falling of the lashes is not a big deal and in the short term, it may not be, but if it has happened to you for a few months, there might be want to be aware of.

Premature falling of eyelashes as well the thinning of the lash line can be caused due to conditions such as Blepharitis as well as Trichotillomania and in some extremely rare cases, it can indicate a case of localized skin cancer. 

If you are experiencing premature falling of your eyelashes, as well as the hairs on the head then it could also be due to hormonal changes, Alopecia, as well as thyroid disorders.

If you are worried that the problem of premature eyelashes falling is caused due to any of these more serious problems, then you should discuss it with your doctor.

But if your eyelash growth is stunted due to other factors such as lack of care, dryness, or harmful cosmetic products, you can undo some of the damage easily in a month within a month with the help of a few basic tricks.

1. Remove all kind of Eye Make-Up before You Sleep

Many of us use eye make-up products such as mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, glitter as well as a horde of things, and to ensure that we look good throughout the day, we often tend to buy waterproof make-up for our daily use.

The best and the worst thing about waterproof make-up products is that they are difficult to wash off, so often, we do a hurried clean which does not remove make-up from our eyes entirely and those clogs the root follicles of our eyelashes. Eventually, this weakens the lashes from the root and causes them to fall off before they complete their growth cycle.

If you spend a few more minutes removing your eye make-up thoroughly before you go to bed, you will ensure that your eyelashes grow and stay healthy from the root.

There a variety of water-proof eye make-up removers that we help you seal the deal, or you can use petroleum jelly for getting rid of the make-up on your lashes every night.

2. Make Use of Nourishing Oils and Serums

In the past, there were a limited amount of beauty products, so many of the people used items that they found in their kitchens or homes for the treatment enhancing their features, such as eyelashes.

Oils are one such versatile items that have multiple uses in our life, you can use oils to promote eyelash growth and even nourish them. Such oils that can come to your aid are coconut oil, which is used for cooking, moisturizing the skin, and even conditioning the hair. You can easily use it for moisturizing your lash line as it helps in making them soft, and shiny.

There is castor oil that many beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by saying that it helps them grow their eyelashes in a very short span of time. Castor oil and coconut oil both can be used as carrier oils, and you can add a few drops of essential oils in it such as almond oil, tea tree oil, or lavender oil and create your own mix of eye-lash growth-boosting solution.

There are many eyelash growth-boosting serums that you can buy in the market such as Careprost, and some people even like to apply Vitamin E oil on your lashes.

3. Use Products which are specially designed for Eyelash Growth

There is a prostaglandin solution known Bimatoprost which is approved by the FDA to be prescribed as an eyelash growth-boosting solution, and it gives assured eyelash growth within 3-4 weeks. Careprost contains the solution which you can buy from a variety of drugstores, pharmacies, and even online pharmacies such as safemg.

This also goes by the name Bimat in some places, but as long as the solution contains Bimatoprost solution in it, you will experience healthy eyelash growth in a safe way within a month.

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