5 Things to Know Living in Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City was intended to become an internationally renowned center for medical institutions, education and research. In addition to the numerous world-class health care facilities, there are also residential opportunities for those who would seek to move there. However, before you do, there are a few things that you should know. Read on for more.

Property Types

Dubai Healthcare City is a more urban area, meaning that you aren’t likely to find any villas or family homes there. Instead, you are much more likely to find apartments and penthouses; however, the apartments can be quite spacious, from studios to 4-bedroom apartments available. The commercial space is overwhelmingly occupied by offices which undertake all of the health-care-related admin work. Luckily, each of the residential and commercial properties has its own dedicated on-site parking facility to use. There is also ample street parking too.

Public Transport Options

Thanks to the ample parking opportunities, driving yourself around Dubai Healthcare City is pretty easy. However, if you don’t have a car or a driver’s licence, then you will need to rely on the public transport. Within the neighborhood, there are several choices to explore. There are many bus stops and metro stations that you can use to get yourself around. The street network is pretty straightforward and well connected, making the commute a snap.

Places of Worship

Dubai Healthcare City has a few options when it comes to having your religious and spiritual needs catered to. First, there are several mosques which you can go to and offer your prayers. In addition to mosques, there are churches too, covering a few denominations like Catholicism, revivalists and protestants. Finally, there is also a Hindu temple within a twenty-minute drive too.


Obviously, as its name suggests, Dubai Healthcare City was designed to be an internationally renowned hub for healthcare, and it is well on its way. There are a lot of clinics and hospitals. If you have aspirations to qualify or work in healthcare, then you are in the best possible place. The hospitals in this neighborhood are some of the best in Dubai. They also have different specialisms too. In addition to hospitals, there are also clinics within the community which offer some much-needed services, from women’s clinics to chiropractors.


It might seem like Dubai Healthcare City is entirely geared towards purpose. However, there are other things to do too. Firstly, WAFI Mall is pretty close, and it has a range of stores to suit all budgets, from cheaper options like Matalan to Burberry and Rolex. There are also plenty of local restaurants and eateries too. So there is something for everyone’s tastes. La Mer Beach and Sufouh Beach are also pretty close by. La Mer is more of a chill-out spot, while Sufouh beach has a host of water sports options.

Final Thoughts

Dubai Healthcare City is a thriving metropolis for healthcare in the UAE. The residential options are limited to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hold potential. If you want to work within the healthcare industry, then it is a great choice. There is more to the area than that, though; there are lots of other things to do there too.

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