7 Reasons: Why Antalya is a Great Place for Housing or Apartment Investment

As we all know, Turkey is among the most preferred countries in the world in the field of tourism. It hosts millions of foreigners and tourists every year. The geographical location of Turkey, which is located between East and West, also creates a cosmopolitan demographic structure. If you want to buy a house or apartment in Turkey both for investment and to take advantage of the opportunities we will talk about below, Antalya will be the best choice. Investing in a property in Antalya will give you Turkish citizenship, as well as open the door to a real estate market with investment income. Among the biggest reasons that make Antalya a great investment city are the combinations of tourism and western quality of life. You may have various reasons to buy a house in Antalya. We have listed seven reasons why you should choose Antalya for property investment for you. Let’s examine these reasons together.

Cheap Housing Prices in Antalya Compared to UK or Other Countries

Antalya is a magnificent city with different real estate options and housing structures. It can also be defined as the pearl of the Mediterranean in Turkey. It has a long and immaculate coastline from Lara to Konyaaltı. There are many factors that determine real estate prices in Antalya. These factors include the distance to the beaches, the neighborhood or the quality of the real estate you will buy. Thus, you can have real estate options suitable for every budget in Antalya. Compared to other countries, Antalya’s real estate prices are much cheaper. In addition, by protecting your budget, you will include opportunities such as sea, sand, and holidays in your investment. After the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Antalya has returned to a city that has received a significant amount of migration. Therefore, the population in the city center has almost doubled. The depreciation of the Turkish Lira against currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, or Pound Sterling has also created a significant advantage for foreigners to buy a house or apartment in Antalya.

Medium-Term Investment Opportunities in Antalya

Medium-term investment opportunities generally arise in commercial market structures where there is no or very little real estate market. Making a real estate investment in Antalya creates an opportunity for you in the medium or long term. The first districts that come to mind when Antalya is mentioned are Lara and Konyaaltı. The advantages created by these two districts both in terms of proximity to the coastline and tourism have increased real estate investments in these regions. Especially in the aforementioned districts, you can achieve great profit maximization with medium-term investment options due to minimal maintenance and repair to an apartment you have purchased.

Diversity in All Aspects

Antalya is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Turkey from the past to the present. Of course, factors such as both historical and economic reasons can be listed behind this situation. Antalya has hosted different civilizations due to its port trade, easy transportation network, and climate. The common denominator of people from different ethnic backgrounds, from Middle Easterners to Europeans, has been Antalya. This diversity has influenced the dynamics of Antalya such as food culture, entertainment understanding, dressing style, and speech-language. The city offers a variety of opportunities that can meet the needs of every different person. Real estate owners who invest in Antalya never feel alone and in a different city. Thanks to the diversity of Antalya, foreigners can easily adapt. Foreigners who prefer to live in Antalya and invest in this direction can benefit from their own cultural themes as well as interact with different cultures. Thus, Antalya is a fascinating city where you can live as yourself in a variety of ways.

The Sun is Inside the House

There is no doubt that we cannot ignore the climate of Antalya. Compared to other regions of Turkey, Antalya is a city where you can live together for four seasons. There are various activities where you can sunbathe on the coast of Antalya and ski in the Taurus mountains. This city, which brings together different climatic options, is in an advantageous position in terms of daylight. It is almost impossible for a house or apartment that you will buy in Antalya not to see the sun. Although the city brings together different climatic conditions, it has sunny and mild weather for 10 months of the year. You can swim in Antalya while people in different regions wear boots and raincoats during the winter months. In addition, this factor allows you to get big savings for heating on the real estate you are going to buy.

Richness in Food Culture

As we mentioned above, Antalya has been home to different civilizations and is still doing so today. This situation has naturally affected the food culture of Antalya. There are two dynamic factors that create Antalya cuisine. These are the Yoruk culture and Mediterranean civilizations. Yoruks are the most important representatives of Antalya culture. They have lived in a nomadic manner in this geography for centuries and have thus become the most important symbols of the city. They have brought many local flavors from Capricorn Tandoor to Piyaz to the food culture of Antalya. Mediterranean civilizations, on the other hand, have their own unique dishes, moreover are defined as Mediterranean cuisine throughout the world. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the herbs grown have become the mainstay of this food culture. Antalya blends these two different cultures and satisfies their bellies and souls by offering unique tastes to foreigners with rich cuisine.

Easy Transportation

You have different transportation options in Antalya. Transportation vehicles such as airplanes, ships, buses, and trams make your travels a much easier process. In addition, advanced land and air route networks allow you to travel to different cities and countries, while also facilitating your return from other countries. The fact that transportation is both cheap and varied is among the biggest reasons for foreign investors to choose Antalya.

Cradle of History

Antalya is to bring together many historical riches due to the geography it has. This city was besieged for centuries by Pergamon, Roman, Ottoman and various empires. Being a port city has turned the city into one of the biggest attractions. The structures built by different civilizations have contributed greatly to the art history of Antalya. Historical places such as Kaleiçi have become important places for tourism and entertainment by intertwining with daily life. Many sculptures in the Antalya museum provide a magnificent historical experience to millions of visitors throughout the year. Don’t you want to be just one step away from these historical beauties by buying a house or apartment in Antalya?

Advice About Purchasing House or Apartment in Turkey

The real estate market presents excellent investment opportunities in Turkey. When you do not know the country well, the options appear limitless, but not every property is a good asset. As a result of our extensive market knowledge, the aim is to make the buying process more enjoyable and stress-free for you. Contact us to discuss your options with our agents. Your inquiries will be answered, and we will provide you with additional information on buying a home or apartment in Antalya. If you want to become a real estate owner,  we, as Tolerance Home, will be very happy to help you.

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