8 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

How many times have you enjoyed watching videos of old couples dancing together? Isn’t it the most beautiful representation of companionship? Building a connection with your partner is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Just like an air conditioner, you need to service your relationship regularly. Meaning, you have to keep working on it to make it last. A lot of work goes into achieving a ‘happily ever after.’

You may have a grand wedding with someone you met on one of the Indian matrimonial sites or through common friends but a marriage is more than that. A marriage is what comes after the wedding. So what factors constitute a happy marriage? Below is a curated list of the secrets that can lead to a lasting and strong marriage:

1. Spend Time Together 

Work takes up a major chunk of our time. In the process of achieving targets and deadlines, we miss out on spending time with our loved ones. While work is important, taking time out for your partner and getting to know them better is equally important. Only when we give them time will we be able to create lasting memories to cherish. 

Wondering What Activities You Could Indulge in? 

  1. Couples Massage: Take a break from the humdrum of the routine life and relax with a couples massage session. Watch your spouse smile as the tension from their body takes leave. 
  2. Off Grid Date: Turn off your phones and other gadgets for one evening and enjoy date night in the company of the most important person in your life. You will end up noticing things about them like a new haircut or a different nail polish colour. This will leave room for an uninterrupted session of compliments and romance. 
  3. Binge-watch a TV Series: Wear your comfy clothes, microwave some popcorn and plonk yourselves in front of your preferred screens. Watch your favourite series over the weekend together. 
  4. Cook Dinner: Cooking together will allow you to improve your compatibility… in the kitchen too. It is an intimate affair and an opportunity to understand each other better.
  5. Do the Tango: George Bernard Shaw rightly said, “Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” Learn this beautiful dance form with your spouse and you will learn the beats to dancing together forever.
  6. Have Healthy Arguments

First of all, every couple fights. If anyone says they don’t then they are probably lying. Arguing with your partner means you are normal. But it is necessary that you listen to each other to sort out your differences. Once you resolve your issues, you will feel a lot closer to them.

3. Accept Your Partner as You are

Everyone has their unique habits and quirks. When you choose to spend your life with them, you have to accept their strengths as well as weaknesses. The secret is to see past their little faults and focus on their strengths. For example, if you are good at cooking, and your partner is not, you must take charge of the kitchen. At the same time, do not get mad if your partner adds too much salt to a dish. They may be a better driver. So let them take care of running errands for the house.

4. Be Kind 

Mutual respect and understanding are two of the pillars that hold a successful marriage. Make sure you are polite and kind to your spouse. Don’t be judgemental or say things that will make them feel less than equal to you. After all, marriage is a special kind of friendship. You wouldn’t want to be rude to your friend of a lifetime, would you?

5. Celebrate the Little Moments 

Marriage is not about over celebrating anniversaries and PDA. It is not even about making grand gestures and unending proclamations of love. It is about the smaller moments of life and celebrating them. This keeps the intimacy intact. Next time your partner tells you that they got a better job, drop everything and devote all your attention to them. Celebrate their happy news. Just like that this small episode of your life would turn into a special moment and add to the good times in your marriage.

6. Remember to Appreciate Your Partner

Taking your partner for granted can put out the sparks in your marriage faster than Tiger Shroff’s dance moves. Even if it is something as small as cleaning up a mess you made, appreciate it. All everyone ever wants is to be valued.

7. Support Your Spouse 

Another pillar that holds the idea of a relationship in place is support. You must be there for your partner to help them face challenges and fulfil their dreams. A little support goes a long way in a relationship. You cannot spin around in a waltz by yourself, can you? You need a partner’s support to do it right and gracefully.

8. Give Each Other Space 

Being together forever doesn’t mean being joined at the hips. You must be able to pursue other hobbies and activities without your spouse as well. This is how you will have more things to talk about. It will also help you grow as individuals. 

No matter how thoroughly you search different matrimony sites or look for someone special in your circle of friends and acquaintances, there is no perfect recipe for a successful marriage. But the above secrets come pretty close. Follow them to build a stronger and healthier bond.

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