9 Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen? If yes, you should start by picking the right color scheme for the space. If you aim to get a classic and timeless look, white is the best to consider. You can incorporate the color by installing white kitchen cabinets.

But these are just some options you can consider. The best part about using white shade to beautify your kitchen is you have endless design possibilities to explore. You can get creative and easily come up with ideas that align with your idea of a perfect kitchen. But if you lack inspiration, this guide is here to help. We have curated nine evergreen kitchen design ideas you can execute using white shade. So let’s quickly explore the ideas shared below.

  • Chequered Details on the Kitchen Floor

You can easily give your kitchen a trendy look by replacing the traditional, simple floor with a black and white chequered floor. This design might appear retro to some, but it is returning to the modern décor world. Many interior designers have also started recommending a black-and-white checkerboard floor to their clients for a chic look.

  • White Ranch Kitchen

Consider getting a ranch design if a modern kitchen design doesn’t appeal to you. You can get a ranch kitchen with a white marble countertop, white kitchen cabinets, pendant lights, bar chairs, white subway tiles as a backsplash, and more similar elements. You can also consider installing the lower cabinets featuring white shade and the top cabinets featuring some other shade of your choice for the perfect contrast look. The results will undoubtedly be impressive when you pair them.

  • A Chic & Relaxed Kitchen

Blending modern designs with a relaxed vibe is not challenging anymore. If your kitchen looks modern, chic, and relaxed, incorporate white shades wisely throughout the space. You can start by featuring a custom black hood and contrasting white upper cabinets. This setup can be complemented with black plumbing fixtures, large windows, black countertops, black hardware, and a white brick-textured backsplash. Consider adding hardwood flooring and brown leather stools if you want further enhancements.

  • Sophisticated White Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to exude sophistication, white can be the perfect primary color for the entire space. You can design a sophisticated kitchen by installing a center white kitchen island featuring a dark black countertop. White kitchen cabinets built in a shaker style, wooden dining tables, terracotta tiles, and wooden chairs can also provide contrast and charm to the kitchen.

  • A Townhouse Kitchen

Homeowners looking for a distinct kitchen design should consider getting a townhouse kitchen. You can achieve this look by incorporating different industrial-style materials. Since brass and warm metallic look excellent with white cabinets, walls, and other kitchen elements, you can expect impressive aesthetics. A marble island paired with white kitchen cabinetry can also be a great choice to create a monochromatic scheme. You can consider adding white textured tiles and beautiful metallic hardware for the perfect townhouse look.

  • Manhattan Kitchen

The Manhattan-style kitchen is popular in urban settings, so you cannot ignore it. It generally features white countertops, sleek black cabinets, glass pendant lights, and open storage solutions in an open kitchen layout. When you strategically use black and white in this design, you can get a high-end look in your kitchen.

  • Kitchen Tiles

Homeowners with limited budgets cannot go wrong with this option. Consider installing white wall tiles. Since wall tiles are available in numerous patterns, you don’t have to settle for a simple and dull monochromatic tile design. This option is excellent for anyone who doesn’t have enough space, budget, or time to experiment with the kitchen looks.

  • Loft Style White Kitchen

You can save much of your floor space by using your loft as a kitchen space. It will maximize your storage and give your kitchen a neat yet stylish look. You can create an excellent kitchen by adding beautiful rustic scones, black and white chequered tiles, rustic light fixtures, custom-made white kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, and white walls to create an impactful look.

  • A Classic Malibu-Style Kitchen

Opt for a white Malibu-style kitchen to stand out from other kitchens in your neighborhood. You can achieve this design by painting your kitchen walls with bright white color.

Get the Best White Kitchen with Minimal Effort

The best part about designing your kitchen is that there is no one way to do it. You can pick any design idea you find impressive. If you want your kitchen to exude a timeless design, consider a design involving white color as the primary shade. The result will undoubtedly impress you if you use the colors wisely. If you need some quick design inspiration, you can pick any design from the above list. All the above-mentioned design ideas are evergreen and work well with any type of kitchen, so you have nothing to worry about.

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