A Step-by-Step Guideline to Get Free Amazon Items

In this tech world, Amazon is the largest comprehensive online shopping site globally, which is also well-known as an e-commerce giant. To visualize the size of Amazon – the leader in online shopping, capturing 49.1% of the online retail market and 5% of the US retail market. When searching for products on the Internet, many people first try searching on Amazon.

Due to this massive popularity, Amazon always provides some promotional discount or electronic gift certificate. Basically, most coupons are 5% OFF, but there are surprisingly high discount coupons such as 20% OFF and 30% OFF.

Even more, if you are interested in how to get free amazon items, amazon also allows providing their product without any cost for their customer. That’s why the article will introduce some vital steps to getting amazon items for free.

Getting amazon items for free by exchanging credit point:

In fact, it is a way to get an Amazon item for free that is the exchange for the points you have accumulated on your credit card. Not a few card companies offer Amazon items as exchange products for point systems.

If you collect points from those credit cards and exchange them for Amazon items, you can get them without paying. In that case, you have to need such a credit card which is allowed to exchange their point with amazon.

Use Gift Certificates with coupons and campaigns:

Literally, it’s not entirely free, but there are ways to get Amazon items by purchasing an Amazon Gift Certificate with just the named price. You can get things that are mainly done by amazon, things that are done at convenience stores and supermarkets, and things that various mobile companies sponsor.

A typical campaign is to get 5$ worth of Amazon Gift Points when you purchase an Amazon Gift Certificate of 50$ or more. If you buy 500$ in bulk, you can save 50$, so there is no reason not to use it for heavy Amazon users. If you check it often, you can buy it only during the campaign!

Take the store campaign advantage:

Amazon gift certificate campaigns are also frequently held at convenience stores. In the case of convenience stores, it may be a prize type, so be careful. If you buy in bulk at the time of the campaign where you can get coupons for the amount you purchased, you will definitely get 10% off.

In particular, many 7-Eleven campaigns have high discount rates, so be sure to check them out! You can see that if you use the point site and campaign well, you can get an amazon gift certificate at a great deal. To enjoy shopping with Amazon items for free and at great prices.

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Receive amazon items by doing reference:

If you are an Amazon Associate, you can receive a referral fee or getting Amazon items for free. Amazon Associate is a service that allows users to introduce Amazon products on their homepages and blogs and receive a certain referral fee when products are purchased via the link. The participation fee is free.

It is possible to receive this Amazon Associate referral fee by specifying an Amazon gift certificate instead of cash. Moreover, you can pay the referral fee for a minimum of 50$ per month for money, but you can receive a minimum of 5$ for Amazon items. It’s a valuable way to get Amazon items without any money.

Conclusion Remarks:

Basically, there are two methods, one is to collect points and exchange them for Amazon items, and the other is to earn sales with affiliates and exchange them for Amazon items. Efficiently get Amazon items for free with the method introduced here.

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