Age Care: Living at Home for Longer

It has long been said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. One further certainty in life is that the older our bodies become, the less they are able to do. For some this might be only a minor loss, such as not being able to sprint as fast as you did when you were a teenager, or for that matter drinking as much alcohol without getting a hangover!

However, for many of us the slow but consistent process of ageing means that our capabilities are steadily reduced. We certainly aren’t as fast as we used to be, but we also can’t carry as much weight as we once did, bending over might have become a problem at some stage, or worse still disability may have occurred mean the loss of important motor movements that we used to rely on all day, everyday.

So, when some of the more strenuous or potentially dangerous tasks around the home become ripe for the too hard basket, it can be no great loss to just let them go. It might be that mowing the yard on a particularly steep or varied height plot of land is too much, or perhaps clambering up a ladder to clean out the gutters before storm season arrives is nigh on impossible. These things don’t cause an immediate problem, they just worsen over time but don’t stop us enjoying day to day living.

Sadly, people do have limitations that are associated with ageing, and this becomes a little more serious when it prevents us from more essential tasks such as doing the weekly shop, cooking and cleaning or washing ourselves properly for effective personal hygiene. Faced with predicaments such as these, what can we do next?

There are options but they are relatively limited. We can either have some relatives or friends help out at home, or we can move somewhere were there is a level of care on hand, such as a family member, but more realistically a nursing or care home. Fortunately though, for many Australian residents, home help Brisbane is available from a variety of care provider services ranging from private to Government funded agencies.

It is a known fact that people are happier at home than they are in care homes. When you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, have accumulated many possessions and memories, and know your neighbours and neighbourhood well, it is a far better option to be able to stay at home and get the care or support that you need to enable you to continue living there.

For people faced with this predicament, the available care options are both plentiful and versatile. No one person has the same support needs as the next, although there will of course be similarities, so it is probably no surprise at all that many homecare Brisbane providers offer the ability to help out exactly as you, or your friend or family member requires.

Care can take many forms and you should engage prospective home care providers to ask if they are suited to your needs. It’s worth noting that as well as helping out around the home, many good providers also organise social events such as day trips, site visits and group meals to ensure that their clients also remain socially active too.

A little bit of help, a friendly faceand a catch-up once in a while is pretty much something we all look forward to, and with a great support team this can ensure we continue to enjoy for many more years to come.

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