All You Need to Know About Kamado Joe Table

Kamado Joe is a griller used to give strong flavour and heavy steam to your food. Kamado Joe Table is the type of cart or stands to fit Kamado Joe to drag anywhere. The selection of the Kamado Joe Table is crucial for you; if it is not according to you, it will be useless. Select the Kamado Joe Table according to your Kamado Joe’s size and shape to make it fit on it.

Consider the following points while purchasing Kamado Joe Classic Table!

Features Consideration While Purchasing Kamado Joe Table

Focus on few main points of Kamado Joe Table while purchasing it.

1.The Main Points are Storage, Prep Spaces and Wheels

Tightly locked wheels are attached under Kamado Joe Table to drag it easily and lock it at a place instead of rolling while you are looking at it. Prep space is not compulsory, but it makes your table great as it provides space for plates. Storage space saves all the charcoal quantity and gives you a convenient way to use it easily anywhere, anytime.

2. Prefer Kamado Joe Table Made with Ceramic Fire Tiles

Mostly Kamado Joe Table is made of wood, but wood is a conductor of heat. Kamado Joe Table made with wood catches fire instantly. Try to use Kamado Joe Table made with ceramic fire tiles to avoid the risk of fire. Ceramic fire tiles spread the heat or fire and make your work safe.

3.Consider the Size of the Kamado Joe Table according to your Kamado Joe

The selection of accurate-sized Kamado Joe Table is crucial here. So please choose the size of the Kamado Joe Table keenly to make its given place fit for your Kamado Joe. Prep space is also shown on the side of the Kamado Joe Table to provide you with the freedom to save plates but remembers that the hole present to fit Kamado Joe on it is your concerned area; choose by considering it.

4. Best Material Used in Kamado Joe Table

The best material used for Kamado Joe Table is porcelain steel and hardwood. You can use ceramic fire tiles instead of wood to avoid the risk of fire by spreading the fire instantly instead of catching it. The latest and best option is porcelain steel that is rusting free, easy to clean, and resistant to spots. A porcelain steel table is cheaper than a wood table, but it will get scratches and dents soon if you use it carelessly.

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Maintenance of Kamado Joe Table

You can make the life span of the Kamado Joe Table long if you use it carefully. Avoid making scratches and dents while using a steel table. Avoid the roughness in use while having the wood table. It doesn’t matter what type of Kamado Joe Table you are using but your way. Clean any sauce or liquid from the Kamado Joe Table to prevent staining and make it ready for subsequent use.


If you want to attain the facility to drag Kamado Joe anywhere, you might use Kamado Joe Table to make it easy to move. There are latest models evolved with more exciting and valuable features. However, if you want the best model, you must try Kamado Joe Classic Table must.

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