Americans are having mental health issues more than ever: trigger warning

Mental health is essential. But, not very long ago, people did not know enough and cared for mental health at all. But, America is a progressive country with a compassionate government towards its citizens. Awareness programs, health education, cheering up workshops, and online therapy sessions made the situation a lot better. Things started to change in 2019. Studies reported people having mental health issues more than ever in America at the end of the year. An extended period of lockdown is taking a toll on people’s mental strength. 

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Lockdown effects

The most common advice you will get if you are depressed or not feeling good is to go out and have fun with friends. Secondly, making yourself busy with works and jobs will help you with unnecessary or irritating thoughts. Both of the tips are not possible now because of the lockdown. People can not go out or meet up with friends and family. It goes against the safety rules. In some states, violating the safety rules is a punishable offense. On the one hand, people are losing jobs, and a nasty economic condition continues for the last nine months. On the other, having to adapt to newer rules and regulations, staying away from friends and family, being always conscious about getting the disease is tough to handle for even the most competent people. 


Mental health disruption never brings up a positive result. Things are similar this time too. The violence rate is increasing, and People are becoming more desperate and less patient every day. Couples are feeling the effects at it’s worst. There’s divorce case filing in America highest in history. 

It is high time that the government finds an alternative to take care of the citizens’ mental health. Otherwise, we are going to lose a massive number of competent human resources soon.

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