Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is one of the main components of the house in the construction of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช . It is a place to relax with happiness. and private The bedroom in the house may be separated into several rooms, small and large, depending on the needs of use. And the needs of the users of the room, the bedroom should be a place where the air is clear. The wind blows easily and is in a quiet corner of the house. bedroom interior design should cause a real rest

2.1 General style of bedroom arrangement

The arrangement of bedrooms in the house as required by the user in terms of liking or have a personal need In general, medium or small houses The arrangement of the bedroom may include working, watching TV and having a dressing room together in the room. by way of arranging the space proportions to be related to use or separate as appropriate The size of the furniture is arranged to suit the size of the room.

2.2 Furniture and the size of the furniture in the bedroom

2.2.1 Bed

Mattress is important for sleeping. In general, the bed consists of a mattress that can be designed with various headboards. as needed Personally, the mattress will be available in sizes that are sold in the market as a design standard. We can use it to fit the bed right away. Unless there is a design, size or style of mattress that is not common. It is necessary to customize the size and form for custom order as required. The standard size mattresses that are commercially available come in feet size. Can be selected to suit the use and suitable for the size of the room. There are various sizes as follows.

Large Mattress (King Size) 6′ × 6′ 6” , 6′ 6” × 6′ 6”

Medium mattress (Queen Size) 5′ × 6′ 6” , 4′ × 6′ 6”

Small Mattress (Single Size) 3′ 6” × 6′ 6” , 3′ × 6”

Bed design often emphasizes the importance of the head of the bed to stand out, beautiful, according to the needs. The height from the floor to the mattress is 0.45 meters or 0.50 meters.

2.2.2 Night Table

It is a cabinet that works with the bed. For placing small personal items such as alarm clocks, reading books, medicines, drinking glasses, facial tissues, radios, lamps, the necessity of this bedside cabinet may be designed as a small locker or as Small chest of drawers for small items and easy access at night. bedside table size Approximately 0.55 × 0.60 × 0.45, 0.50 m.

2.2.3 Dressing table (Chest of Drawers)

Inside the bedroom of a typical house There will always be a table for dressing up. A dressing table is a table for placing utensils or makeup. with a mirror shining in front The design of this dressing table can be divided into two types:

  1. Dressing table for women, size 0.45 x 1.20 x 0.70 meters, with seat The shape of the table is sweet. There is a shelf or a small drawer for storing things.
  2. Dressing table for men with dimensions of 0.45 x 1.20 x 0.90 meters. It is a dressing area consisting of drawers and cabinet doors for storing items such as undershirts, underwear or socks. The size of the table is used to stand for dressing with a mirror. The shape of the table is strong.

2.2.4 Dressing Stool

Dressing seat for women’s dressing table It is designed to be sweet and beautiful.

2.2.5 Work table (Study Table)

Desk in the house รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี or in the bedroom It is a homework desk for those who are studying. Or a desk to sit and work on small documents or as a seat to read a book. The table setting doesn’t have to be large. The use of space will not be used much. The size of the table can range from 0.50 × 1.20 × 0.75 m. 0.60 × 1.50 × 0.75 m. The worktable may be designed as a single table. or a table that goes together with a bookcase or other storage cabinet.

2.2.6 Study Chair

The office chair is the chair that is the closest to the dining chair. Because it is a use that must always be attached to the table. It is also more comfortable, such as having a soft seat. There are large armrests or a seat that can be reclined, etc. The size of the working chair 0.50 × 0.60 × 0.45 meters.

2.2.7 Closet

Wardrobe In addition to being a closet for storing most of the clothes. Some parts are also used as storage for bedding and other items such as blankets, quilts, pillows, clothes bags. wardrobe interior design Therefore, it is often divided into 2 parts, the upper part for storing large items and for long-term use.

The lower part has a hanger for both long and short clothes. There is a place to put your pants on. In addition to that, there will be a shelf for storing clothes that can be folded. or make a drawer For small items such as underwear, handkerchiefs, socks, etc.

The size of the wardrobe will be large or small. According to the needs of users and according to the size of the space in a medium-sized room for people in general. It will take approximately 1.50 meters in length, but if 2 people, the area size increases to 2 times or more. The height of the cabinet is about 2.00 meters, or if making 2 cabinets above the ceiling, the height will be equal to the ceiling height is about 2.50 meters. The width is from 0.60 meters to 0.65 meters. The width is suitable for keeping clothes neat. The sleeves and shoulders of the shirts weren’t wrinkled when the closet doors were squeezed. However, the wardrobe is a very large piece of furniture. If the room is narrow or has limited cabinet size, the length will need to be shortened to suit.

2.3 The distance of the placement of the furniture, the sleeping part


bedroom arrangement In addition to meeting the needs of the room users which have different needs Organizers should also consider the size of the room and the size of the furnishings, for example, a large bedroom with only one occupant. Bed arrangement should choose a large or medium bed. suitable for the room and at the same time if the bedroom is small But there are 2 people in the room. The bed arrangement should choose a medium size that is suitable for the room, etc.

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