Benefits of Having a Home Swimming Pool

Owning a home with its own swimming pool comes with a lot of extra expense and responsibilities, or at least that’s what it can feel like when you’ve got to get it cleaned, and when you have to pay to get the best pool inspections service in Melbourne to make sure everything is safe and up to code.

You shouldn’t however feel too much as though your swimming pool is a chore. It’s a terrific and premium feature of your home that brings numerous benefits to your family and to other areas of life, too.

Benefit 1: A Terrific Exercise Outlet at Home

Let’s start with a very practical consideration of your pool, which is that it’s a great place to get some daily exercise in a way that’s also quite gentle on your body, especially your joints. A swim in a pool provides a full-body workout without impacting your knees and the balls of your feet in the same way that things like jogging can do.

Beyond yourself, swimming is a great and fun way to get your kids away from their games consoles and doing some physical activity, as well. Kids are getting increasingly sedentary, leading to weight problems and worse. They may balk at going running or doing aerobics, but a swim in their very own pool is always a fun proposition!

Benefit 2: Cooling Recreation in the Heat

Next, we all know just how hot it can get in Australia…and that’s true for everywhere in Australia. It’s not a country by and large that does “cold” very often. People need an escape from the heat, so a pool in the backyard is the perfect solution to that need. Of course, using sunscreen when the sun is really baking down is important, but a lot of people get clever with shading their pools to protect themselves and their kids.

On the other hand, Australia can get quite cold during the winter season. Installing a pool heat pump in your swimming pool is a great option to be able to swim all year round, at any time of the day.

That’s another advantage of a home pool, that you can set it up anyway you want that works for you.

Benefit 3: A Great Party Piece

The pool can be a terrific centre for your social life, inviting friends and family over for pool parties, or using the pool as an attraction to make a kid’s birthday party more fun. Everyone loves a pool, and if you’ve got one you’re top of the social tree. Of course, pool ownership is more common in Australia than in some other countries, but it’s still rare enough to make one’s home “the place to be” in any group of friends.

Benefit 4: Adds Value to Your Home

Another big consideration has to be the monetary value that a pool can add to your home. To build and install a pool, along with things like a safety fence to bring it up to code, costs a lot of money, but if you live in that home for a long time, it works as an investment. While it’s undeniable that value can be added to a home — an average of $30,000, and top-end increases in value of $100,000 — it only works effectively to add value when you build it right.

That means investing in the right materials, getting the right size, and building a pool in houses that don’t have easy access to the beach.

Benefit 5: No Crowds (And No Bad Hygiene)

Finally, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all for a lot of people, is the fact that you get to enjoy your home swimming pool privately without noisy crowds jumping in all over the place, and without (too many) screaming kids, and hopefully without some of the hygiene problems that come with swimming in the public pool.

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