Best Places in Western Canada to Raise a Family

You might have always lived in the region or there’s the possibility it’s somewhere you’ve always had your eye on when considering where to relocate with your family. Whichever is the case for you, western Canada has so much to offer everyone, from it’s cultured cities to amazing natural beauty. 

If you know western Canada is the right place for you, but you aren’t sure where the exact right place may be, here’s a few options for places you are sure to love. 

Vancouver, BC

It’s no stretch to call this one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to not only it’s absolutely stunning architecture, but also the natural views that’s made up of sights such as the Strait of Georgia and Coquitlam Mountain. If your family is one that loves to spend time outside, with Vancouver’s mild climate you’ll be able to take advantage of all the local offerings for parks, rivers, and national forests. 

Within the city itself, you’ll also have plenty of options when looking at Vancouver homes for sale. There’s plenty of great neighborhoods for you and your family to consider, based on the age of those in your family and what you value the most in terms of what’s in your neighborhood. From Vancouver’s West End to Dunbar, there’s sure to be something that fits both in your family’s budget and needs.

Canmore, AB

Many individuals have a deep bond with nature, and for some, spending as much time as possible outside of what their family bonds over together. If this sounds like you and your tribe, it might be hard to pass on Canmore. For those unfamiliar with the area, this town is located on the border of Banff National Park. 

Not only will you be immersed in some of the best nature anywhere in North America, but in Canmore, it won’t be just you, your family, and the mountains. There’s plenty to do in town itself, all mixed with a low unemployment rate, making this an obvious choice for the outdoorsy families among us.

Prince George, BC

For some of us, budget needs to be at the top of the list for priorities when choosing where to settle down. If that’s the case for you and your family, Prince George is a great option where you don’t have to sacrifice a great family experience in exchange for something more affordable than you might find elsewhere in Western Canada. 

Not only is there a low cost of living, it’s a great city for job creation meaning you should be able to find a solid job, to give your family the best quality of life possible. If you are relocating here, from elsewhere in British Columbia, you’ll be able to know Prince George is located near the center of the province, meaning that you’ll never be too far from those loved ones you might have had to move away from in search of a better life for your family.

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