Business groups reject the rebellion of Trump-led electoral fraud

Corporate organizations, for their urgency to attack the United States, strongly condemned President Donald Trump. Capitol Wednesday and the legislators to support the President’s deteriorated electoral scam plot by seeking to obstruct attestation on the Electoral College performance.

On Wednesday, the CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers Jay Timmons, a strong supporter of the Trump regime, made a surprising reproach calling for his post’s dismissal. The Retail Leaders Industry Group announced yesterday’s sedition that also dismissed conspiracy theories about elections.

“Weapon aggressive demonstrators defending the insubstantial allegation of President Trump that the US was disproportionately stormy when he won an electoral case. Capitol, the police, and First Respondents have become the target because Trump failed to accept a free and equal election loss.

“This is not law and order. This is chaos. This is mess. This is the mob’s rule. This is dangerous. This is dangerous. It’s very risky. It is sedition and as such needs to be discussed. The outgoing President has incited violence in an attempt to maintain power and an elected official who has protected him has undermined the Constitution and rejected democracy for anarchy. Complices are anyone who can raise dollars from conspiracy theories. Vice President Pence, who had been evacuated by Capitol, would strongly suggest an alliance with the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to preserve democracy,” he said. The 25th amendment brickly turns the Vice-chairman into the Acting President, whereby Congress determines if the trial will occur, whether there is a challenge when the President is deemed unfit for office by most of the cabinet and the other senior managers.

In 2017, according to USA Today, the President had always supported the National Association of Manufacturers, hosting a speech, welcoming his efforts to reform taxes, and commending its trade decisions. NAM supported action by the government to oppose Chinese trade practices and advocate for the free trade agreement between the United States and Mexico-Canada and called for a more inclusive immigration policy than Trump.

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