Checklist for maintaining mental health while involved in work from home jobs

Covid 19 pandemic has changed the lifestyles of many people. People were forced to sit at their homes and work from laptops for hours. There were no dedicated timings to do so. Initially, it was fun to enjoy working from home. But it took a toll on people’s health.

Mental health issues begin to rise. Life literally seemed to be inside the four walls. There were silver linings in the forms of certain tools and apps like PDF editor, virtual meetings, Google docs, and more to increase productivity while providing job satisfaction. These digital tools saved a lot of time and effort, allowing you to take short breaks while at work. Taking care of mental health is important, just like taking care of physical well-being. 

So to further help you in the process, here we bring you some tips to use while you are still working from home to be mentally healthy!

  • Have fixed work hours scheduled and include short breaks in it as well. Hop on to your meals and stretch your body for more comfort.
  • Organize your mailbox and regularise it so that unnecessary mailbox isn’t filled. Response to the mail should also have a designated time.
  • Maintain the balance between work and home time. If with family, spend a few minutes with them or caress your child. This will fill you with new energy.
  • Use certain tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, PDFSimpli, Dropbox, etc., for quick and easy work.
  • Be digitally detoxed once the work is done and avoid all work-related things. In fact, spend that quality time with family and do what you like to, be it traveling, yoga, exercises, cooking, etc.
  • You should stay connected with family and with co-workers via virtual meetups or phone. This, in return, will reduce the workload and stress and allow you to remain more productive. 
  • The switch on and switch off from work is necessary. This applies even when you go to the office, though. Wear your office wear when starting work and change it to comfort wear while you are doing the office. This will allow you to remain focused.

Also, it is quite important to help your elderly staff be equipped with the online medium as easily as possible. They have never used it, so they may find it more challenging than others. Once a colleague’s father called up and asked how to do PDF to Word conversion and sent it on Whatsapp? He simply suggested his father to download PDFSimpli, which did the job within a few minutes. This made him learn a new tool and reduce his work and mental stress.

Similarly, even if working from home, the working atmosphere must be very positive and pleasant. Self-isolation or not seems tough to crack when your office day is as tiring as life is. Go outside, have fresh air and sunshine, meet up virtually with friends and family, and you will never have mental health issues ever again!

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