Choosing a New Toilet for Your Bathroom Renovation

Remodelling your bathroom and wanting to replace your toilet? Before you choose a toilet, make sure you know the basics. Here we discuss the different style options in terms of design and functionality so that you can make an informed decision.

How a toilet is designed

A cistern and a toilet bowl are two key elements. A cistern is a reservoir that holds the water to flush out the waste, and the bowl is where you sit. These two pieces often come separately. Thus, first, you need to ensure that the parts work well with each other. Visit here online best thaibettingnews.com website.

The most traditional design is called the connector toilet. Here, the cistern and the toilet bowl come as two separate units connected with a pipe. When you install the toilet, there remains a gap between the two. The second type of toilet is where the cistern sits directly on top of the toilet pan. These are known closely coupled toilets. These toilets offer a more compact look. Another type of toilet design is known as back-to -wall toilets, where there is no gap between the pan and the wall. The pipework is not visible in these types of toilets. There is another type of design where the whole cistern is hidden behind a wall, and you can access it through an access panel. These toilets are chic and elegant. These toilets are more common in hotels and luxury apartments.

Position of the set out

A set out is where the waste exits the pan. The pipe that connects the sewer can pass through the floor or the wall. Depending on the position, the shape of the waste trap differs. The S-traps are most common in Australia. Here the pipe goes through the floor. The other type is called P-trap, where the waste trap represents the shape of P. In general, your existing set out will guide your choice unless you want to redesign the whole construction. There is a third type of waste trap known as skew trap. It can come out of either side of the pan.

If you are getting an S trap toilet, measure the gap between the wall and the centre of the waste exit and buy a toilet that fits it. For the P trap, you will need to know the distance between the floor and the outlet.

Water inlet and toilet seat

The water inlet for the cistern may be located at the back or underneath. Usually, most cisterns fit both; however, some may need alteration. While choosing a toilet, make sure you take note of the position of your current inlet and try to match that.

In recent times, mainly two innovations have been made to the toilet seats. The soft-close lids ensure a lesser impact on the seat when it is slammed. It also makes less noise. Another feature that has been introduced is quick-release seats. You can easily remove these seats from the toilet bowl without any tools.

Bidet, smart toilet, and rimless design

Try to find a simple bidet that doesn’t require power and can easily be attached to an existing system. These bidets are pretty straightforward; you just need to split the water inlet to supply water to the bidet.

If you are ready to spend more, you can consider getting a smart toilet. These toilets can come with a bunch of features like temperature and pressure control for water flow, seat warming, and LED lights.

Another great feature that you might want to consider is rimless toilets. It can be tricky to clean the rim under the edge of the toilet. In this new design, this rim is removed to enable efficient cleaning. It also enhances the look of the bathroom.


Toilet installation is usually an easy process and can be done on your own when the water and other systems are already in place. However, it is always advisable to get help from an expert if you have to make any adjustments to upgrade the system.

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