Coronavirus is affecting the mass health very rapidly: again

The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic was deadly already. But, the new year came with the worst news. The second wave of the effective coronavirus strain is even more deadly. The virus already killed more than thirty-five million people only in the USA; the worldwide death toll is higher and counting every second. The world meter measures the recent deaths, newly affected persons, and the complete resolution cases are going crazy over the statistics. According to scientists, the new strain causing Covid19 is more muscular. There are possibilities that our most awaited AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccines will not work against this new strain. 

Worldwide effect of this pandemic

Coronavirus plays a significant role in the twists and turns of the massive and regulatory events worldwide since January 2019. Already most parts of the world are going through a severe economic disruption due to a lack of economic fluidity. Imports are not safe, and exports are not getting permission from the authorities due to safety protocols. In a world where all the countries depend on each other physically for products, time is not going right. However, America is doing well to get over the initial scarcity of necessary supplies. But, things are not the same for most of the developing economy and export-oriented countries.

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Anthony Fauci, who is currently acting as the chief of health matters in the USA, is hopeful about the upcoming vaccination. Though the Trump government showed utmost irresponsible behavior on pandemic control, Fauci wishes that soon they will start giving at least a million doses of the country’s coronavirus vaccine. Every citizen is praying desperately that the plan work and the government’s power change help stabilize the situation a bit. Otherwise, things will get a lot worse.

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