Democrats are winning at Georgia: Election is getting on edge

The USA presidential election is on the run. It is one of such events that grab the attention of the whole world. Right now, America is the leading economy and one of the greatest democracies in the world. However, India and China are giving it a rough competition based on the population and work resources. But, America is all ready to fight all the odds with a new president, government, and strategy. This time, Jo Biden won in most states, signifying that he will rule the world for the next four years. But, some states are still on the count. Georgia is one of the last counties to announce the voting results. 

Democrats vs. Republicans

According to the responsible official personnel, Georgia is sending all the voting stuff back home. So, it seems like finally, the wait is over, and the state will announce the winner. Already Trump is getting impatient, and there is news that the former USA president is creating pressure on his vice president to turn over the voting results. The environment is tense everywhere. The work will not affect the cumulative results much, but people wait for a piece of groundbreaking news. 


The Democrat participant Raphael Warnock already claimed to be the winner from Georgia State. The self-claimed result is creating headlines, and people are not rejecting it till now. It looks like they already get that that the Trump government is about to abolish. But, the official results will come out most probably at seven January of 2021. Till then, the last betting is guessing the game is on. 

If the Democrats win the place in Georgia, it will be one of the most significant political power shifts in America’s history.

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