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Angelina Jolie is an acclaimed actress, director, and writer whose works have been praised for their boldness and creativity. She has won multiple awards for her writing, including an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay karinnews for her 1999 film, “Girl, Interrupted.” In addition, she has written and directed a number of notable films, including the 2011 drama “In the Land of Blood and Honey” and the 2014 World War II epic “Unbroken.” She has also written minex world several children’s books and penned several op-eds for newspapers and magazines. Here is a list of Angelina Jolie’s most notable writing credits:
1. Girl, Interrupted (1999): An Academy Award-winning login adaptation of the 1993 novel by Susanna Kaysen.
2. In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011): Jolie’s directorial sonicomusica debut, a drama set in the Bosnian War.
3. Unbroken (2014): A World War II drama based on the 2010 book by Laura Hillenbrand.
4. The Breadwinner (2017): An animated film adaptation of the 2000 novel by Deborah Ellis.
5. First They Killed My Father (2017): A biographical drama based on the 2001 memoir by Loung Ung.
6. “My Medical Choice” (2013): An op-ed for The New York Times about Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy.
7. “What I’ve Learned from My Children” (2014): An op-ed for Time magazine about the impact of her children on her life.
8. The One and Only Ivan (2020): An adaptation of the 2012 children’s novel by Katherine Applegate.
9. The Unquiet (2020): A middle-grade novel about a girl who can communicate with ghosts.

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