Download Pocket7Games for Samsung

While the long feud between Samsung and iPhone users continues to wage on, both parties will soon be able to enjoy one of the best mobile gaming apps, and thus share in one more type of friendly competition.

Pocket7Games is now available on the Samsung Galaxy store, meaning millions of Samsung users will finally have the chance to try their hand at popular games like Bingo Clash, Dunk Shot, and 21 Gold and compete for the chance to win real money. The app has grown popular because it boasts a variety of skill games where users can compete against other players to win free money. That said, many new users are interested in the quick and easy gameplay when they’re first starting out and have no trouble developing their mobile skill gaming.

For those who haven’t downloaded the app yet –– including all the Samsung users who have been patiently waiting for their chance to play –– getting the app from Samsung Galaxy is easy. Simply search Pocket7Games Samsung and get ready to play.

However, if you have friends who are already honing their skills on Pocket7Games, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of their promo codes — and the cash bonuses you and your friends can earn from them. Simply have your friends select “Invite & Rewards” on their membership screen, then have them go to the Cash Miner page, where they’ll find a code in the top left corner of their screen. Have them click to share their personal invitation code with you.

Once you receive the invitation code, you can use it to create your account and log into a massive all in one game platform with over 10 classic games. From there, you’ll be able to secure tons of freebies, including Bonus Cash and Spin Coins, during your first week to help you enjoy everything the app has to offer.

When it comes time to spend all that newfound money, you can rest assured that Pocket7Games remains a trusted withdrawal provider and authorized partner with PayPal. The multiple ways to withdraw include: PayPal, check and direct deposit to bank accounts, or, of course, you can use your winnings to enter a tournament or cash game. However you decide to spend your free money, know that Pocket7Games offers legit payout via trustworthy payment channels, so you’ll be able to put your winnings to good use.

So what are you waiting for? Samsung users have a lot of catching up to do against the massive number of iPhone users already playing on the platform, though once you begin advancing across one of these bright, colorful, skill-driven games, it may not matter whether you’re team iPhone or team Samsung — as long as you’re on the winning team.

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