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Enjoy the Results with a Digital Marketing Partner in Malaysia

Enjoy Results with a Digital Marketing Partner in Malaysia

It can be well worth your brand’s while to partner with an experienced and skilled digital marketing agency in Malaysia, particularly if this is your first foray into the world of online commerce. Teaming up with a digital marketing agency puts their skills, knowledge and tools to work for your brand, and you and your staff have the option of being as hands-on or hands-off as your needs require.

With the complexity and time-consuming nature that digital marketing has evolved to become, partnering with an experienced agency is the wisest course of action these days, especially as your competitors will likely have their own partners with years of digital marketing under their belts.

History of Digital Marketing

You began to hear the term “digital marketing” as far back as the early 1990s when the internet first began to be used for advertising and marketing products and services. The first banner ad appeared in 1993, and HotWired, the first online magazine, grasped the importance of the event and purchased a few banner ads as advertising spaces for the magazine.

Yahoo was launched the following year, and during the first year of operation, Yahoo received almost one million hits. Although this doesn’t sound like much today, it was enough that companies with branded websites took notice and started optimizing their sites to pull in greater numbers of hits.

With this shift in focus to the metrics and analysis of who was typing in which words to reach these websites, the days of digital marketing had begun.

Scope of a Digital Marketing Agency

Today, the scope of full-service digital marketing makes it a one-stop-shop for a brand’s marketing needs. Many agencies offer their SEO services as the first step. They perform an SEO audit on a brand’s existing site and fix any problems, and ready the site for the work to come.

While the SEO team is working on the site, the agency’s marketing team learns as much as they can about the brand, their industry, their goals, and their competitors as they can. Then, they work with their new partner to put together a marketing strategy that fulfils all the client’s goals.

Goals may include increasing the conversion rate, spreading the brand message among a targeted audience, increasing user traffic to the site, raising the brand profile and increasing their market share. Any goal the brand needs to have fulfiled can be addressed within the marketing strategy.

Getting to Work

Once the marketing strategy has been agreed upon, the agency gets to work. They begin an ongoing program of content marketing and SEO that will keep the site ranking high. They perform link-building exercises and outreach campaigns that spread the brand’s name and message. They also design, write and place ads on Google and all the social media platforms. And they prepare detailed graphic reports that keep you informed of the results of all these activities.

Primal is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Malaysia. To learn more about what having a digital marketing partner can mean for your brand, please get in touch with us to set up a meeting.

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