Everything to pass the Microsoft AZ-900 certification

I am about to pass the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, and I want to share with you this experience, so that you – too – can pass this certification in the best conditions, and of course get it!

What is this certification?

The AZ-900 certification: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals covers the basics of cloud computing, Azure’s services, and cross-cutting topics such as security or pricing. There are many cloud computing courses available in the market, and AZ-900 certification is one of the top Cloud Computing Certifications.

This one has the particularity of being optional, so if you want to follow an Azure course – DevOps for example – you will not need to have it beforehand. However, if you are just starting out, it will allow you to get started smoothly, and to validate the fundamentals of cloud computing, common to the different cloud providers on the market (Microsoft Azure, Difference Between AWS and Azure, Google Cloud Platform …).

It is also one of the few Microsoft certifications, once obtained, to be valid “for life”!

Personally, I had already passed the 70-483: Programming in C#, which will be withdrawn soon (February 2021). So having a certification with no expiration date is great!

The price

The exam costs 99 € (excluding taxes) in Europe, the AZ-900 is not one of the most expensive certifications, but it is still a small investment on yourself! You can purchase some AZ-900 dumps too to get this certification at the first attempt. 

Also, Microsoft offers “Azure Training Days”, in which I was able to participate, and which allow you to understand the content of the certification over two half-days, and to obtain a voucher (a voucher), allowing you to take the exam for free within three months.

The Microsoft calendar allows you to register – at no cost – for one of these courses:

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As I write this post, the exam is only available in four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). So a priori for the greatest number of you, you will take the exam in the language of Shakespeare. Update 01/10/2021: it seems that the exam is now available in other languages including French.

You will need to have a minimum level in English, which allows you to understand the questions, the answers, but also the key terms (High Availability, Scalability, Fault Tolerant, IaaS, PaaS, …).

Planning and conducting the review

You must first have a Microsoft account in order to access your dashboard that will allow you to schedule your exam.

Exceptionally, since COVID-19, it is a priori possible to take the exam from home, being of course supervised. You can also make an appointment at a Pearson VUE certified center near to you.

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Before the exam begins, you will be asked to prove your identity, so do not forget your identity papers.

The exam will take place in a supervised environment (you will be filmed), and will last 85 minutes, unless you have finished before. I really advise you to use this time wisely, and to reread your questions and answers a second time.

During this exam, you will be asked between 40 and 60 random questions, with varying difficulty. Finally, to obtain your certification, you will need to have a minimum score of 700 / 1000.

If you are looking for AZ-900 dumps or other ones, you can find here a list of all certification exams.

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