First Time Landlord? 5 Things That You Should Know

It’s a widespread misconception that owning property is simple. But being a first-time landlord has its own set of difficulties. Along with taking care of the property’s upkeep, you will also need to monitor and respond to inquiries from potential tenants. For a while now, the property market in the UK has been emerging from a slump. As a result, more people are making investments in rental houses and becoming landlords. According to a recent study by Hamptons International, 42% of landlords who purchased property abroad did it in the UK.

Most Letting Agents in St Albans and other neighbouring parts of the UK are found busy throughout the year due to the spiked up demand for buy-to-let homes. Many property owners have spent their money and time renovating and updating their properties in the hopes that they will be able to rent them out once they are finished. There are unique difficulties that come with becoming a landlord, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time. However, with a proper checklist and better strategic methods, these hindrances can be tackled effortlessly.


Knowing the necessary landlord disclosures is essential to avoid being sued by your tenant. It’s the responsibility of a landlord to manage their rental property so that it’s secure and livable for the tenants in future.

Understanding the local rules is essential if one plans to own rental property to prevent breaking the law. Both rights and obligations as a landlord and those of the renters must be understood in depth. This will assist the homeowners in knowing what to do in a variety of situations that may arise while managing their rental space.


It can be tempting to use Property Management Services to find tenants and maintain the property because one can just sit back, let them handle all the labor-intensive tasks, and collect the rental revenue from the property. The fact that letting agents typically charge up to 15% of the rental income to manage a property.

One must maintain a separate inventory for maintenance charges so that sudden expenses or repairs would not scare away the homeowners. It can be worth managing the property yourself if you only want to purchase one or two homes, such as a retirement investment. However, this does imply that any problems with your tenants will be your sole responsibility.


When people invest in properties specifically for buy-to-let purposes, setting the right rental price is necessary so that it would benefit both the tenant and the landlord. The monthly income it generates is most likely necessary for landlords to meet their mortgage obligations.

However, based on the rental market in your area, you can also encounter fierce rivalry from other local landlords. It is always better to price it competitively and offer more benefits than other landlords in the neighbourhood. Homeowners must ensure to save profits after their mortgage payments or transform their rental homes to a profitable type of residency.


One of the most crucial pieces of landlord advice is to carefully conduct tenant screening. Making errors in this area might cost a new landlord a lot of money. The renter must be able to maintain the property in excellent shape, make timely rent payments, and abide by the terms of the lease.

Landlords must make sure that they thoroughly check out the criminal, eviction, and credit histories of potential tenants. A red signal would be if a tenant has a history of criminal behaviour or multiple evictions. Due to the likelihood that good tenants would stay longer, tenant screening also increases tenant retention.


Every tenancy agreement will include a definite set of rules and regulations to follow by the tenant during their stay. Even before things come to a conclusion, the living terms must be mentioned clearly to the tenant to avoid any clashes in the future. It could be challenging to demonstrate what was agreed upon before the tenant moved in without a written record. The entire set of guidelines and provisions must abide by applicable state legislation. This document must include details of pet allowances, security deposits and when they must be paid, fee charges for late rentals, and everything else that is relevant.

A wonderful option to generate extra income is through a rental property. However, landlords must also fulfill their responsibilities for tenants as a property owner. In addition to maintaining the property in top condition, every homeowner should think about doing their own marketing for the rental property they have invested in.

For first-time landlords, these chores may seem overwhelming, but with time and practice, they will gain the knowledge, confidence, and all the necessary abilities required to succeed with their investment. 

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