Five Vital Tips for Car Parts Purchase

The internet has become a great place to look for car makes and models when planning on buying a new car. It can be equally useful if you’re looking for spare car parts. However, you might have to be extra cautious, so you don’t buy counterfeit products.

The design and manufacture of a car’s parts determine its reliability and resale value. Therefore, buying from inauthentic dealers may compromise the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

For example, if you’re looking to get Holden parts, make sure you pick the right auto parts dealer to get the parts that fit the best and last longer. Then, check the following tips to get started.

Know the difference between car parts

When car parts are concerned, choices are endless. So, if you’re looking for Holden parts, you may come across terms like OEM, genuine, used and aftermarket. It would be helpful to know the difference before you start looking.

  • OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is the auto manufacturing company making the parts. OEM parts are reliable and cost less than original parts.
  • Genuine is the exact same part that was installed in your vehicle at the time of manufacture.
  • Used parts come from any wrecked or scrap vehicle. While you may save money on these parts, installing them may be risky.
  • Aftermarket parts are fitted in the car that another company manufactures. Choosing aftermarket parts can be a good investment option.

Learn relevant vehicle information

The simplest way to find the car parts is to know their make, model, manufacturing year and series. The search system of websites usually asks for such information, and having it ready can help you save a lot of time.

The information is usually found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Online tools further make it easier to bring up all other relevant vehicle details from a search of the number plate.

Know PR number and VIN

  • PR number or VIN can provide a lot of information about the vehicle, from its year of manufacture to its colour. When you provide the number while ordering, you are assured of getting the right fit for the car.
  • VINs comprise 17 characters made of numbers and letters. It is found either in the dashboard corner or the door post.
  • PR code is a production code that car manufacturers use. It is similar to VIN and found on the data sticker on the tyre well’s body or in the vehicle’s service book.

Record part numbers

If you have purchased spare parts in the past or are buying the ones that require regular replacement, it can be a good idea to record the part number. Then, you can keep the box, save your order invoice, write it down or take the label’s pic with your phone. Hence, when you reorder the part in the future, you don’t have to waste time searching.

Check the warranty policy.

You should not overlook the warranty period as it can allow you to demand renewal or return within the specified period. It works as insurance and guarantees the genuineness of the product.

So, don’t buy car parts without a warranty. Also, read the fine print and learn about the inclusions.

Buying car parts online is convenient and helps you save valuable time. If you’re unfamiliar with auto parts, you can consult a trusted mechanic or professional to make an informed decision. Further, if you feel purchasing car parts can strain your monthly budget, several retailers may give you the option to make payments in instalments and enjoy a smooth buying process.

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