Homeowners Guide To Plastic and Concrete Septic Tanks

Deciding which septic tank to buy between plastic and concrete can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. You don’t know whether to consider durability or the number of rooms it serves. Here are a few points that can help you make a destined decision.

Plastic Septic Tank

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic septic tank:


Contrary to concrete septic tanks, plastic septic tanks are resistant to cracking. The nonporous nature keeps the tank intact, preventing any water passage that can create a crack. Having a tank that doesn’t crack easily is every homeowner’s dream. Besides, you don’t have to worry about any leakage during adverse weather conditions.

They are easier to transport. It’s terrible buying a tank only to realize that you can’t get it to your home. Some septic tanks are heavy to transport and install. Furthermore, some roads may be too week to support the transportation of these tanks. They are made of light materials, which makes them easy to transport.

Plastic septic tanks are cost-effective; they are way much cheaper than concrete ones. They are ideal, especially if you want to spend less. Sometimes we have to buy things we had not planned for due to various circumstances.

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Maybe your tank started to leak, or you plan to move to your new home. Whatever the reason, a plastic septic tank can serve you at a low cost. They are watertight and corrosion-proof; corrosive tanks don’t last long. Plastic material lasts longer since they don’t rust. However, they have various limitations.


Plastic septic tanks have a low effluent level; it’s at high risk of clogging and blocking. If you are considering buying them, buy a size corresponding to the number of users. Otherwise, it will often block.

They may float to the surface in-case of poor installation. A plastic septic tank is very light. Therefore, the buoyant force pushes the tank to the surface. Having septic can cause damages, including tilting, which will cause a spillover.

The tank is prone to damage during installation. The light material makes plastic septic tanks vulnerable to many damages, such as cracks. It’s always vital to hire a professional installer to ensure safety. Lastly, check with your state before installing plastic tanks. Some states prohibit the use of plastic septic tanks due to environmental laws.

Concrete Septic Tank

Concrete septic tanks can also be a good option for your home. Let’s consider some of their advantages and disadvantages:


Concrete septic tanks have higher effluent levels than plastic tanks. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about clogging or blocking. Unlike plastic ones, concrete septic tanks don’t float. They are made of heavy materials, which make them stable and steady. You can build a septic tank near your home without worrying about spillovers.

They can last longer and are acceptable in all states. Due to their quality materials, concrete tanks can last for many years without replacement. Investing in a concrete septic tank is like a lifetime investment. Besides, you won’t have any problem with authority.


Concrete septic tanks have various limitations. They are highly expensive; buying a concrete septic tank may cost you ten times higher than a plastic septic tank. Unfortunately, these tanks are prone to cracking and can crack at some point

The concrete tank isn’t friendly to cold weather. Therefore, you may need to consider your environment. Last, they are hard to install. Installing a concrete septic tank in an interior place can be challenging due to the impassable roads and the heavy machines needed.

We have discussed the two types of septic tanks. Your decision on which to buy depends on your needs. Durability comes with a cost, and simplicity is dangerous. Consider these factors before making a choice..

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