How is the esport industry expected to grow in the coming years?

Electronic sport or esport is sports event-like tournaments held, except the games played, are all digital. The trend of video gaming has increased dramatically over the last decade, and development is made in supporting gear like specialized modified computers meant for เกมส์Esport.

People have made all sorts of careers through what was initially meant to be a hobby. Today, live streamers, esport tournament athletes, players who play for bets, etc., make money from video games. The esport industry is expected to grow to create a much larger drive further.

History of esport

Esports has been around for around 40 years now. Ever since the development of the first video games, people have found a way to engage in competitive games. However, with time, the video game industry has been subject to dramatic developments.

Today, there are many games to choose from, and many technological advancements have been made in video gaming equipment. Computers specialized in playing video games, aka gaming pcs, have taken the computer market by storm.

Esports today

Today, there are multi-million dollar international tournaments being held dedicated to esports. There are large communities online, and events are being held on various scales. In addition, the advancement of technology has allowed players to play from the comforts of their own homes.

A wide variety of games are now transformed into spectator sports, and respectable careers are made out of it. Moreover, this industry has generated a lot of jobs, from organizers to other employees, that bring these events to life.

The COVID-19 pandemic ceased all live events, but these games were able to make a smooth shift into digitalization because of the original nature of the events. This caused little disruption in the industry, and thus, it continues to grow.

The future of esports

Multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook and Amazon are now recognizing the industry’s potential and investing in it. So the sector has a lot of room for growth with innovation and investment.

The pandemic has had a heavy impact on the live shows; however, as the industry’s digital nature caused minimal disruption and high flexibility towards current events, the industry is expected to grow as technology evolves. Therefore, while an inevitable decline in the industry is desired, such a decline can only result from something different taking over the market; this estimated decline is not foreseeable in the near future.

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