Being a digital marketer, you can never avoid content writing. Everything online is based on content writing, keywords, native ads, blogs.

According to leading content marketing institutes, 65% of successful marketers have a well-documented and researched strategy. Predictably, 86% of the least successful marketers have no marketing strategy at all. Companies are slowly moving from traditional advertisements to online content marketing and successful online marketing is possible only through proper content strategy. In this post, we are going to understand what content strategy is, why is it important, and how to develop your content strategy in brief. To know about content strategy in depth join Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.


Content strategy in layman’s language is scheduling, creating, distributing, and measuring content online on every platform for your target audience. This is done to achieve the predefined business and marketing goals. The strategy takes your business goals and uses the content as a primary means to achieve those goals. 

You must create your content strategy that focuses on providing value to your audience. A good content strategy is when you understand what your target audience wants and needs from your content and focus on developing content that is useful, important, relevant, and valuable to the public. By creating a content strategy, companies can leverage content performance data to meet KPIs, and regulate and capitalize on their content marketing efforts.


Any marketing business needs a sound content strategy. It is needed to attract the right consumers and convert them and retain them into customers. Knowing what the users want and creating a strategy will help your brand to produce relevant content and increase its ROI. 

Creating and promoting content is not easy and cheap. Marketers, in this digital world, need to strategize their content marketing effort before starting their promotion. We need to ensure that it meets the predefined KPIs and is inclined towards the company’s business and financial goals.

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Creating a content strategy not only helps in achieving goals but also in achieving them in a proper timeline. It helps you achieve the goals set by the company. Now we will see how to create a content strategy and what should be included in the strategy to maximize your results.

    1. Set a Goal: The first step in creating a content strategy is to set a clear goal. Great content is usually created for a specific reason. Ask yourself why do you need to write this article. Once you have your goals set, we need to check if the strategy set by us is perfect for attaining that goal.
    2. Target Audience: This step is one of the most important steps. You should know the audience for which the content is being written and what to include in the content that will attract the audience. We need to create such content that leads them every step of the way to the purchase. By doing this, you can produce more relevant and valuable content that the people will want to read on.
    3. Work out the SEO Angle and conduct a Keyword Research: After successfully determining your audience you should start researching the keywords that the users generally use and include them in your content. This enables your content to stay on the searching radar and continuously be in the top leadership. This keyword helps in getting higher traffic to your website and eventually increases the SEO ranking of your website and brand.
  • Analyse the Competition: This digital world has a lot of competition and every day something new comes out in this world. So, you should always be aware of your competition as they might be of great help to you. You carefully examine your competitor as to the keywords they use, their way of writing the article. You should also pay attention as to what they don’t do and whether that thing will help you or not.
  • Distribution Channels: This step helps you in distributing your content to the users. The correct channel of distribution will help you increase your viewership eventually help your brand. Proper research of where the users spend most of their time will help you decide on the distribution channels that you need to use.
  • Determine the types of content you want to create: There is a variety of options for content that you can create. The best content strategies use a combination of content types to increase traffic. And capture the interest of the audience.
  • Talented writers and creators: Best content is not created out of thin air. Hard work, diligence, and dedication are required to create quality content. To attract the users the content must be well written, visually appealing, and should target the audience.
  • Appropriate marketing and automation tools: Writing and managing content in today’s world is a complex process. This why marketers use a lot of digital marketing tools. This helps them in their content marketing efforts. The general word limit varies from niche but you can keep your content to 1200 words with all the quality information.
  • Publish your content: After following the above steps, you should publish the content and examine the market and the effects of your content in the digital. See if the content published gains the support of the users and is it good enough to convert them into consumers.
  1. Content Management System: You can have a content management system that would help you in creating, managing, and track the content written by you. Some of the things that this management system does are content creation, content publication, and content analytics.
  2. Optimize your content regularly: The need of this content management system is to constantly track the content and make necessary changes if and when required. It requires changes if the taste and preference of the users change or any new and relevant information is introduced in the world. Optimization may include rewriting the articles with different keywords, new subject lines, improving the layout, and others. This step should be the ongoing step in a content strategy.

These are some of the steps that will help you create a proper content strategy and create some amazing content. To get some more amazing ideas and to learn more about formulating content strategies you should join Online Digital Marketing Courses.


By following the steps and ways to formulate the strategy given above you can take your content marketing skills to another level and create amazing articles. Creating strategies does not only help in digital marketing but also in various other businesses as well. Creating a plan and formulating strategy helps you clear your mind and path and achieve the objectives and goals placed by your company easily and soon. While writing content and formulating one should always focus on the audience. Read more about tamilmv

The interest of the audience determines the keyword and the writing style of the content and helps in converting users into customers. Proper content helps in keeping the customers attracted to you and creates loyalty towards the brand. To learn more about content marketing and various other steps that you can take to improve strategy you can take Digital Marketing Training in Pune.

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