How to Fix Knocking Pipes

If you are experiencing vibrations, banging, or knocking sounds in your piping system, then there might be several reasons for Power Gear. A common term for all these noises through plumbing pipes is water hammering. However, no one likes the unwanted irritating sounds and looks for the root causes of the problem to find appropriate solutions and prevent further damage to your plumbing system.

What causes Knocking Pipes?

One of the reasons for water hammering within pipes is sudden stoppage of water flow due to blockage of pipe valves. This increases the normal pressure within the pipes, which creates a shock wave inside the pipes causing different noises. Knocking of pipes is harmful to the plumbing system as it contributes to the weakening of the connections, causing leakage, and also acts hard on various automated water-using appliances.

For instance, washing machines. In spite of having air chambers for absorbing shocks, a water hammer can damage the washing machine due to sudden and repetitive shut-off of water flow. This causes a rapid increase in inner water pressure which fills the air chambers with water, leaving no space for shock waves to travel. Therefore, this phenomenon causing hammering or knocking noises is called Hydraulic Shock.

How are we supposed to fix knocking pipes?

If loose pipes against the wall are causing knocking pipes:

Problem: Sometimes with time the connections of the pipes become loose. Because of that, whenever water passes with high pressure through the pipes, they start banging against the wall. Creating the knocking sound. To identify the problem, monitor the occurrence of noise. If it happens only when water is running and stops with the shutting of valves, then you can tell that this is the cause of knocking pipes.

A solution to fix: Ensure all your connections are tight but also keep the breathing gap for pipes during temperature changes. And if needed you can install new supporters to secure the pipe to the wall in order to fix the problem.

Rattling effect due to high pressure of the water:

Problem: Unregulated water flow can cause a rapid increase in water pressure which can hamper the absorption of shock waves creating banging or knocking noise. To identify the problem by noticing the tapping or knocking sound whenever high-pressure water strikes within the pipe.

A solution to fix these knocking noises: Install a water pressure regulator to ensure normal water pressure of 40-80 psi. By adjusting the regulator can eliminate knocking noises in the future. Also, you can install a water heater expansion tank as it absorbs this increased water pressure and keeps your pipeline system away from it.

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Faulty and old worn out washers in valves:

Problem: These faulty washers in valves can result in knocking squeaky pipes. If you experience knocking sounds from the washer pipes, check for the washers in the hose. Due to which these small and abrupt openings can increase the force of the water flow which can create noises.

A solution to fix: If you notice it is worn out or cracked, then replacing them can fix your problem. But before that shut off the main valve to stop the water flow.

Therefore, these are easy and affordable fixes to the problems of knocking pipes along with an understanding of their root causes. Up to an extent, one can ignore these sounds but eventually, they become daunting and start causing damage to the rest of the pipeline system and appliances. So, it’s better to fix it in order to prevent them in the future.

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