How To Increase Productivity While You WFH

The term WFH or Work From Home became popular after the deadly Covis-19 pandemic hit the world. When you are working from home, the biggest advantage is flexibility. You do not have to wake up early in the morning, get ready and rush to the office. But this advantage can turn into a disadvantage if you take it for granted. 

It is often said that work-from-home can be the litmus paper to your productivity. This statement loosely translates to the fact that while working from home, we might end up getting lazy and be less productive. 

To ensure productivity while you work from home, you need to develop some habits and skills.

  • Stick to the routine.

It does not matter if you have WFH or WFO, wake up at a reasonable time and get ready according to your work hours.

  • Have a dedicated space.

Having a dedicated workspace with a desk and chair at home can help you stay focused and not laze around.

  • Try to be tech-friendly.

When you are working from a desktop or laptop, you need to be aware of the basics. Googling a basic statement like how to convert PDF to Word should not be a problem.

  • Maintain fixed working hours.

WFH has the biggest con that there is no fixed time for work. Try to maintain a boundary between personal and professional time. 

  • Take care of yourself.

Do not forget to eat, drink and sleep. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, catch sleep for a minimum of six hours and exercise daily.

  • Plan your day.

It is important to create a to-do list for the day so that you achieve your goals within a given timeframe.

  • Take breaks.

Do not sit in a single positive for straight eight hours or your working hours. Make sure to move around the house and take small breaks in between meetings and work.

  • Stay connected.

It is important to stay connected with friends, and family, through different mediums as they can give you a dose of motivation from time to time.

  • Clean your workspace.

A clean space can be a great motivation to work better and help in increased productivity.

  • Interact with the team.

It is important to stay connected to your team about work progress and this can promote healthy teamwork.


WFH can be tough sometimes and can hamper your productivity. Make sure to inculcate the above tips to achieve better results at work. And use google to its best use, it knows everything from a PDF editor to the meaning of any word. 

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