How to know an IPO allocation status

Share market is emerging as the most preferred destination for a lot of individuals. Nowadays, if you ask any person with a minimum level of financial literacy, he shall advise you to go for stock market investments. The millennials are especially enthusiastic about stock market investing.Millennials are particularly enthusiastic about stock market investments Several new investors have  joined the share market in recent years. Most of them follow different trading strategies. However, we follow principles of value investing and set long term goals. It does not try to encash the fluctuations of stock prices. So, it is a good trading strategy as even the experts advise us to invest for long-term gains. With regards to share market investing, investing in an IPO is also a nice way to invest in fundamentally strong companies. 

In today’s post, we shall discuss how an investor can check his IPO allotment status. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering where a company lists its shares on stock exchanges. Investors apply for an Ipo to buy shares on the IPO opening date. After the Ipo subscription period is over, the company shall provide the shares to the investors. This is known as the allotment of shares. IPO allotment shows the number of shares allocated to an investor against the total number of shares applied by him. 

Following are the key terms one should know while investing in an IPO.

  • IPO Allotment  : Allotment of all the shares applied for.
  • IPO partially alloted: When the quantity of shares alloted is less than what was applied for.
  • IPO Non-Allotment: It means no shares were allocated to the applicant.

Requirements for checking IPO allotment status

Checking IPO allocation  is easy. One can check the status both in online and offline mode. According to the rule set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the large cap companies, which are big business entities, take around one week to provide the information. Institutions known as registrars release the IPO allotment after 7 days of the  IPO closing. We can check the IPO allotment through the registrar after investing in the IPO. In addition, investors can also get the details from the stock exchange’s portal, demat or bank account. To find the allotment status from any of these sources, we will require the following things.

  1. PAN Card number
  2. IPO application number
  3. Demat account credentials

Allotment status is available when the registrar completes the share allotment process. The information is provided under the name of the IPO applied by the investors. 

How to find IPO allotment status on a registrar’s website?

To obtain all the details from the registrar’s website, go through the steps given below. 

  • Log in to the registrar’s relevant website In India, there are two major registrars, Link Intime and KFintech. Check through which registrar the company has gone for the IPO.
  • You will find a drop-down menu or bar on the website. Here, select the IPO name from the available list.
  • You shall get the option to select pan number, application number or the Depository Participant (DP) ID. 
  • Select one of these to proceed with the process. Add your  PAN, application or demat account number.
  • Finally, click on search to get the details. Investors will get the IPO allotment status.

Check the stock exchange’s website for IPO allotment.

Once the registrar finalises the IPO allotment, it informs i the stock exchanges too. So, an investor can easily get the allotment status from their website. Here are the steps regarding it.

  • First, go to the website of the concerned stock exchange related to investing in an IPO.
  • Then, choose the market segment  by  issue type. Click on equity” and proceed further.
  • Next, select the name of the IPO
  • Type the application number along with the pan number for Know Your Customer (KYC).
  • Click on search to find the company going for IPO.

  When you invest  in an IPO you will get the allotment status right on your mobile or desktop screen.

Get Ipo allotment details in your bank account

Follow the steps below to obtain the allotment status from your bank account.

  • Login to the bank account through which you applied for the IPO.
  • Go to the balance section of your account.
  • The requisite amount should have been debited if proportion of the share was allotted  to you.
  • I.If you have not received any shares, the locked amount will be refunded to your bank account.
  • Upon receiving the allotment after investing in IPO, you shall get a confirmation message from your bank. Here, you will find the deduction details on the specified date.

Finding Allotment Status in Demat or Trading Account 

This is also a very convenient way to check the allotment status on investing in an IPO. Many well-known firms such as Share India provide excellent demat and trading platforms. They come with complete online support hosting several useful features. All the options are available in the accounts which provide every information instantly, without much effort. You can even check the IPO allotment status easily if you are investing in an IPO. Here’s how you can do it web series review.

  • Login to your demat or trading account.
  • Shares will be credited upon allocation. Or else, you shall not find them.
  • The demat account will show the shares of the stock if there was any allotment.

In this way, you can find the IPO allotment pretty conveniently.

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