How to Move Files From an Old Hard Drive to a New HD IN

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To initialize the new hard drive, you need to open Disk Management and right-click the drive. Next, choose “Create Partitions” and “Initialize”. Lastly, you need to install the partition manager software on the new hard drive. This will help you manage the data that is stored on the new hard drive. The process of moving files from the old hard drive to the new one is outlined below.

First, install the new hard drive in the external drive case. The external drive should be USB or FireWire. Then, open Disk Utility on your Mac and find the new HD. It will show the GUID of the new drive, so you can use it as your OS install drive. You can then migrate your data using the Migration Assistant. Once you have all your data, you can then shut down your old hard drive and plug the new one in.

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