How to try Dry my Trainers

Trainers are put through extremes when they are used for sporting activities and this does take its toll on them, no matter how well constructed and designed they are. Inevitably, they get dirty as well and need to be washed regularly to maintain their appearance. When they are cleaned, they need to be dried thoroughly, otherwise, they could go mouldy or even give you damp feet.

Trainers can even get wet right through if you are caught out by a storm, whilst running or playing sports, and again they need to be dried out completely, to prevent them from getting damaged. This can come in the form of inside materials such as foam, becoming frayed and crumbly, and material linings ripping, all because of continued dampness. 

There are various methods of drying trainers out and some work better than others. However, the key here is not to damage the shoes in the process. Here is a look at some drying options for trainers that will minimize any damage to the sneakers UK.

Clothes Dryer and Hair Dryer Options

Clothes dryers can be a little harsh on footwear and this option should only be used if you urgently need your trainers dried. Driers can shrink trainers or weaken them, and the tongues can be torn or bent out of shape.

Laces should be removed and dried separately with this option, along with removable insoles, as these can get damaged as well. Too much heat can also damage trainers and fixed insoles could come apart, so watch those settings.  It is best to wrap the shoes up in towels that also need drying because this prevents the trainers from constantly banging around in the dryer drum.

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Hairdryers can offer a quick-drying solution but again the temperature of the airflow needs to be monitored closely. Hot air can cause the surface of the coating that gives trainers their colour and style, to crack. These tiny cracks can eventually cause the surface to detach exposing the underlying leather of the shoe.

 If a hairdryer must be used, then keeping the trainers 6 feet away from the dryer and setting the dryer to a warm rather than hot setting is advisable. Furthermore, remember to stay in the room where the drying is taking place 24/7 because hairdryers can be fire hazards, especially if the vents get blocked for whatever reason.

Other Options

The humble newspaper is the safest of all options because there is no fire hazard, you cannot damage any hardware such as a dryer, and newspaper drying cannot harm trainers in any way. Firstly, if there is a removable insole then this should be detached and left to dry separately, insoles dry quickly because they are thin and only need a couple of days to dry out naturally.

Next, loosen the shoelaces and open the shoes up wide enough to be able to fit balls of tightly crinkled newspaper within them. Load the shoes with these newspaper balls until the shoes cannot accommodate any more. This is not a fast option, but if you can spare 48 hours, then this is the easiest and the safest way of drying out wet trainers, that have been washed or exposed to the elements.

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