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How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 3 Steps

Everyone can establish contact with their readers with a blog and reap the rewards that blogging delivers: free visibility on search engines, engaging content to share on social media platforms, and exposure to a whole new market you aren’t familiar with. There’s no need for you to worry if you’re new to blogging and don’t know how to get started, as we will show you tips and tricks of writing an awesome blog post to simplify your blogging efforts.

Step 1: Choose a topic and keyword phrase

As you think of possible topics and associated keyword phrases, take a look at your competitors’ in-demand content. See what keywords are popular for them by using a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. You can also use Google to search for terms directly and see which search results come up most often.

With keyword phrases in mind, start brainstorming blog topic ideas that will appeal to your target audience and meet their needs. Make sure the topics align with your brand’s goals. If you are writing about Google marketplace shopping, consider talking about its benefits, upcoming trends, and techniques for crafting successful marketing campaigns through this platform.

Keep in mind that if you’re writing a blog post for an existing page on your website that already has some authority, it makes sense to include keywords related to the page’s topic or main keyword phrase.

Step 2: Research on your topic

To write an awesome blog post, you’ll need to do some research. Before  going any further, be sure to have a keyword phrase in mind so that you don’t wind up with a post that doesn’t rank for any keyword.

Once you’ve picked your keyword phrase and chosen the best domain name, you’re ready to go, as now it’s time to research your topic.

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A good way to conduct research is by using your keyword phrase as the basis for finding out what your readers are interested in. What questions are they asking? Once you know what they’re looking for, create a list of potential blog post ideas and run them through the next step: competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is a big part of writing blog posts so that you don’t write about something that’s already been covered extensively by another blogger in your niche. Just type your topic idea into Google and see where it ranks in the search results. If there are other bloggers targeting the same keyword phrase already, then keep brainstorming until you’ve got an original idea.

Step 3: Compose your awesome blog post

Now that you have your topic, research and outline done, you’re ready to start writing!

Start off by writing a catchy headline. The headline is the first thing that grabs people’s attention and gets them to read on. It will take an extra effort to come up with the right one but it’s worth the time since no one will read your post without clicking on the title. Use keywords in your headline and consider what search terms people are typing when looking for information about your topic.

Try to use short paragraphs. Break up content into short paragraphs separated by subheadings so that it becomes easier for readers to scan through quickly. As a general rule, most people are scanning content rather than reading every word so make it easy for them by keeping sentences short and breaking things up into lists. Using bullet points makes it easy for readers to skim through without getting overwhelmed by long paragraphs of text. Also, keep in mind that online visitors generally have short attention spans, so use subheadings throughout the content. As an endpoint, check out this content optimization guide to help you touch up the piece of content that needs more improvement.


An effective blog is a great way to improve your  brand awareness, establish yourself as an authority, generate relevant traffic, and attract more customers. Follow the  above-mentioned steps and tips to kickstart your writing efforts.

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