Hvac Troubleshooting: Tips and Common Issues

Many customers report noticing something wasn’t quite right before their HVAC unit experienced complete failure, Singapore Aircon service making it important for homeowners to identify problems in their HVAC systems before the damage becomes extensive. While many issues can be easily remedied at home, others require professional assessment, diagnosis, and repair by specialists. This guide covers some of the most frequently reported HVAC issues from Singapore homeowners as well as ways they can help solve or prevent complete breakdown.

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While navigating through the myriad of HVAC troubleshooting tips, it’s also crucial to pay heed to the maintenance of associated components like chimneys, which are integral to the system’s healthy functioning. Regular chimney cleaning can avert common issues such as blockages or buildup that could potentially hinder the overall HVAC system’s performance. Recently, Willard Power Vac announced a specialized service aimed at providing meticulous chimney cleaning, ensuring not only the integrity of your HVAC system but also safeguarding your environment from potential fire hazards.

A/C Not turning On when your thermostat indicates that it is on, but is unable to switch on, there could be an issue in either its wiring or itself.

Examine the circuit breakers to verify that there’s no power issue; otherwise consult a HVAC technician if resetting a breaker doesn’t solve the issue.

Your System Is Blowing Hot Air

There can be many reasons for why your system might be producing air that is hot or not as cold. It could be an issue with refrigerant levels, or it might need replacing due to worn belts.

Take a quick tour around your unit to identify any leaks. Leaks could signal larger issues if refrigerant or water are being lost from it, so consult a technician as soon as possible to identify where the source lies before extensive damage occurs.

Refrigerant Leaks

An HVAC unit experiencing excessive leaks of refrigerant or water could indicate that something is amiss with its drain pipes, pump, or compressor and may need attention immediately to avoid severe damage to its system.

Stop using the unit immediately and contact a professional to avoid costly repairs, which could include replacement of the entire system.

Faulty AC Installation Can Trip Breakers

An improperly installed A/C unit could cause repeated trips of its circuit breakers, signaling that your home was not wired according to its energy requirements for proper operation of this appliance.

Homeowners should seek professional assistance to assess, diagnose and resolve electrical problems on their own.

Constant Running

In warmer temperatures, it is advised that HVAC units be switched off every few minutes in order to give their systems time to rest, otherwise overworking could occur leading to significant component wear-and-tear.

Make sure to examine vents and filters to make sure they’re unblocked, and if these steps don’t resolve the issue, thermostat or electrical issues could be to blame – an experienced technician should investigate this further to identify its cause.

Frozen Coils

Frosted coils could be an indication that your HVAC system is operating less efficiently than intended to keep the house cool, possibly because there is something amiss with air ducts, fans or any other component within its components.

An expert should be hired in order to identify the source of this issue.


Strange sounds such as grinding and screeching could alert homeowners that there may be an issue, whether simple like replacing the belt is required, or more serious such as problems with motor bearings or another component.

Strange noises coming from your unit could be an indicator of serious problems that require immediate assistance from an HVAC technician. When the noises start appearing, call an HVAC specialist immediately so that repairs can begin immediately.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly: Benefits and Importance of Filter Replacement

Should your air filter stop working as expected, one of the first things a homeowner should do to correct its issues should be to change or inspect it regularly – failure to do so increases the chance of costly repairs and overload. Filters must be inspected on an annual schedule and replaced as soon as needed for optimal functioning and to prevent costly overheating or underperforming systems from taking place.

Avoid Costly Repairs

It is vitally important that when your HVAC system isn’t operating optimally, that you seek professional assistance immediately. Failing to do so could cause it to overwork itself and lead to complete system failure.

An annual tune-up and inspection may also prevent many issues from arising, with a qualified HVAC technician inspecting your unit for leaks, unfastened screws and blocked pipes as part of preventative care to ensure maximum performance of your HVAC unit.

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