Hypersomnia: 7 Reasons Why You Constantly Fall Asleep

Usually, people begin to fall asleep closer to the night, after a busy day at work or a hearty meal. However, there is also an abnormal state of sleepiness when you want to sleep all the time for no obvious reason. This is called hypersomnia.

It makes a person feel tired and wants to sleep all day, even during important activities that require concentration and attention. At the same time, sleep becomes longer and can last more than 9-10 hours a day, which is considered unhealthy. What causes hypersomnia? Let’s find out in this article.

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Causes of Hypersomnia

Here are some major causes of hypersomnia:

1. Lack Of Rest

The first and most common cause of sleepiness is the lack or absence of normal healthy sleep. The human body needs a full rest every day, for which night-time is provided. 7-8 hours spent in a comfortable bed is sufficient to gain strength and energy for the whole next day. Healthy sleep must meet two important criteria: quantity (duration) and quality (depth).

If a person does not sleep enough and repeatedly wakes up during the night, suffers from nightmares, then in the morning, he is unlikely to feel rested. On the contrary, the state of sleepiness will haunt him all day. The criteria for the duration and depth of sleep can be acute or chronic. Acute disorders usually last for one or two days, a maximum of a week.

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As soon as the problems are resolved, sleep becomes normal again. Chronic sleep disturbance persists for a long time and does not go away without the necessary treatment. In this case, it is extremely important to consult a doctor in a timely manner and establish the cause of the ailment.

2. Giving Up Bad Habit

Just as taking medication can cause fatigue quickly, stopping the use of certain drugs can have a similar effect. If a person has been abusing drugs for a long time, he may feel drowsy for some time after giving up such habits.

It is difficult for his body to readjust right away, and he will require the usual dose of stimulants. However, if you are worried about the consequences of quitting harmful habits, such as substance abuse, you can get instant expert advice. No matter where you live, professional help is available across the nation.

So, if you live in Florida, you can call on the substance abuse hotline Florida, which is a free phone service to get any addiction advice. After communicating with an expert, you will feel better. And abstaining from drugs will become much easier as the body will get used to the new regime, and sleep will also improve.

3. Sleep Disturbances At Night

Even if a person slept all night, they could still feel sleepy during the day. Another reason for this is close to the previous one – it is intermittent bad sleep. If a person wakes up several times during the night and then cannot fall asleep for a long time, then such a rest can hardly be considered complete.

Various factors disturb the calm: from external noise and microclimate in the room (heat, cold, dry air) to the psychological and physical state of a person (illness, stress, anxiety). Sometimes a person may not remember that he often woke up during the night. And in the morning, he does not understand why he continues to experience drowsiness.

4. Use Of Medication

Weakness and fatigue are common side effects of some prescription and over-the-counter medications. Recently, the popularity of various antidepressants has been growing all over the world. These medications calm the nervous system, help cope with mental illness, reduce stress levels, and set the body for proper rest. After taking these medications on a regular basis, you become sleepier.

The list of provocateurs of drowsiness also includes drugs used to combat seizures (benzodiazepines such as diazepam and midazolam). Antihistamines (especially the first generation), which are commonly used to treat allergies, also have the unpleasant side effect of drowsiness. Strong pain relievers, in particular opioids, have similar properties.

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When prescribing or buying medicines at the pharmacy, you should ask the specialists in advance: does the drug cause drowsiness and addiction, what are its side effects? Those who take any medication for a long time and experience rapid fatigue during the day should consult a doctor to confirm or deny the effect of the drug on drowsiness.

5. Head Injury

To the next and no less frequent factors of hypersomnia, doctors refer to craniocerebral trauma. This is a very serious ailment accompanied by a weakened consciousness and a reduced state of alertness. It usually manifests itself as excessive sleepiness during the daytime. These symptoms can occur 6-18 months after the injury.

6. Symptoms Of The Disease

Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep can be associated with the development of various diseases, the diagnosis of which requires consultation with a doctor. Among the most common ailments that provoke drowsiness are obstructive sleep apnea and hypothyroidism. If a person has the characteristic symptoms of these diseases, then perhaps it is they that cause increased drowsiness. And you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to start treatment.

7. Mental Disorders

Psychiatric disorders can also cause the constant fatigue. Depression, which is common in the modern world, includes symptoms associated with frequent fatigue, energy decline, loss of interest in daily activities, and a constant desire to sleep.

Signs of this disease also include:

  • A depressed mood
  • Significant weight change
  • An inner feeling of worthlessness or guilt
  • Slowness of action
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Poor concentration

Medications used to treat this type of disorder can also make you feel sleepy. Another common mental illness that makes you want to sleep constantly is bipolar disorder. It can consist of alternating periods of high spirits and depression or even panic attacks. As with MDD, the depressive periods in bipolar disorder are often accompanied by drowsiness and increased sleep duration.

We mentioned some of the major causes of hypersomnia or the urge to sleep constantly during the day. You need to deal with these problems on your own or consult a professional help so you can improve your sleep quality.

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