Iron door and Steel frame

There are many types of steel door styles, including smooth doors, glass panels, and glass top panels. Side window louver, louver throughout and lower louver, upper glass louver by a house building company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน Will be thought and planned together with the design according to the agreement with the user. building and house builders

Steel door skin material

  • Galvanized or primed paint before overcoating.
  • Oil paint
  • Covered with vinyl sheets.
  • Made from stainless steel sheet with polished or natural finish.

steel door production

  • Steel doors are hollow inside. It is made up of 16 to 22 gauge steel plate, welded to the frame and C-rail steel frame and may be filled with foamed plastic inside.
  • Top gap 1⁄6″ (3)
  • The height of the door is equal to the height inside the frame 6′ 8″, 7′ 0″, 7’2″, 7′ 10″,8’0″ (2,030, 2,135, 2,185, 2,390, 2,440).
  • net height
  • ¾” (19) + adjust the size of the door leaf to have a small gap at the bottom.
  • 1⁄6″ (3) + adjust the size of the door leaf to have a small gap on both sides.
  • net width
  • The width of the pane is equal to the inside width of the frame 2′ 0″ to 4′ 0″ (610 to 1,220), increasing every 2″ (51).

Framed steel door

  • Horizontal and vertical frames.
  • The interior of the door may be made to be equal to the level of the frame or lower. You can put a mirror or put a louver.

Steel door panels

  • Vertical steel plates are welded to the C-rails on the upper and lower frames.
  • Vertical welded joints between the large center plate and the smaller side plates.
  • Horizontal steel bar C is inside the top-bottom door

simple steel door

  • The surface of the steel sheet is smooth and has no joints.
  • Cover the internal steel frame.
  • The top-bottom margin is always smooth or obscured.
  • The fireproof door kit consists of door frames and panels, bolts and handles made of fireproof materials. To block openings in walls that need to prevent the spread of fire.
  • The largest door leaf is 4′ × 10′ (1,220 × 3,050).
  • Both the frame, bolt and handle must also be of fireproof type.
  • The door leaf should be equipped with automatic closing device and automatic pull-back device.
  • For doors of UL Standard Class B and C, louvered openings with fusible material support louvered doors are allowed. causing the shutters to fold down and close when hit by fire and has a louver area of ​​not more than 576 in² (0.37 m²) per door.
  • in the fireproof door set The louver and glass are not to be installed together.

Steel frame. A common frame will have two-sided visors with a thickness of 2″ (51) with a nose size according to the needs of those who supervise the building a house รับสร้างบ้าน  or look at the appropriateness of the job page In the details of the steel frame, the two-sided blade has other details such as  click here for  more  : bestweb345

  • Cover 5⁄8″ (16)
  • Cover width 19⁄16″ (40) for 13⁄8″ (35) doors.
  • Cover width 115⁄16″ (49) for 1¾” (45) doors.
  • Overall width 4¾”, 5¾”, 6¾”, 8¾” (120,145,170,220).
  • Back fold ½” (13)
  • Wall distance
  • Use steel sheet sizes 14, 16, 18 gauge.
  • Spray primer to prevent rust according to the manufacturer’s standard.
  • The frame pattern may change depending on the manufacturer.
  • The jamb may be drilled for the door lock pivot. and equipped with reinforcing rods for hinges and shock absorbers. click here for  more  : bestmagzine90

One-sided visor

  • Back fold ½” (13)
  • 2″ thick (51)
  • Cover 5⁄8″ (16)
  • Cover width 115⁄16″ (49) for 1¾” (45) doors 19⁄16 (40) for 13⁄8″ (35) doors.
  • Overall width 3″, 3¾” (75,95)

jamb angle

  • The pieces are brought together at a knock-down construction site.
  • Steel reinforcing plates at the corners.
  • Anchor
  • Similar to separate pieces. but used to connect them together by arc welding
  • Frames like this must be installed before wall construction.
  • Invisible joints due to smooth grinding of welds


  • The last plaster line or
  • Wall decoration material not more than 1⁄16″ (2)
  • Thickness of the wall material
  • Wall distance

island on the wall

  • 3⁄16″ (5)
  • Sealing material.
  • The distance from the jamb edge to the end of the wall that should be inspected. door hinge case

open beyond 90º

  • At least 4″ (100) if the handle or knob is on this side.

Types of fixing devices for steel frames to various walls

Each design should have at least 3 attachment points on each side.

  • Wall bracket with wooden frame.
  • Formwork bracket (T-shaped)
  • Wall-mounted formwork conforms to UL standards.
  • Leveling
  • Wall bracket with steel frame.
  • Adjustable type, fixed on the floor.

jamb size

  • 4¾” (120)
  • 5¾” (145)
  • 6¾” (170)
  • 8¾” (220)

wall material

  • 4″ (100) thick wall material
  • Wall-mounted
  • Dowel jamb embedded in the wall material.
  • Island on the wall
  • Sealing material.
  • A dummy or a wall-mounted type.

wooden frame wall

  • wall border
  • Always wall jamb.
  • Carved steel of the frame fixing the wooden frame.
  • The edge of the wall continues into the jamb.
  • Wall-mounted
  • Sealing material.
  • Structural walls and decorative brick walls.

steel frame wall

  • wall border
  • Always wall jamb.
  • Steel frame of the frame. Attached to the steel wall bracket
  • Wall-mounted
  • The gaps inside the jamb are filled with grout. to increase strength and fire resistance
  • The bottom end of the jamb may be attached with the topcoat being applied. or attached to an adjustable device fixed to the floor

Steel frame set with light channel

Sometimes a steel jamb can be made with light holes on the top and sides. installed at the entrance to the building To achieve architectural beauty and receive light from sunlight.

  • The maximum size of the door leaf is 4′ × 8′ (1,220 × 2,440).
  • The minimum width of the jamb is 3¾” (95).
  • Glass apertures up to 1,296 in² (0.84 m²), no longer than 4’6″ (1,370) on either side.
  • Frames of this type are considered to have a fire resistance of not more than ¾ hours.
  • Should consult the manufacturer. to know the information and more details

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