Job-status in the USA during the Covid situation

The USA is the dream country for most people all over the world. There are legit reasons behind it. Because America will offer you the best opportunities and working experience In the world, it is the reason the immigration rules and work permits are rigid here. Apart from that, America’s economy flourished until 2019, giving tough competition to China and India. But, it looks like the coronavirus pandemic changed the tables completely. The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit first at the health infrastructure. Then, the economic structure is falling apart now. In the USA, the job facilities and work schedule are facing a massive change. 

Job opportunity changes

America is a place for passionate people. So, it was easy to find people working fourteen to eighteen hours a day at least. But, the Coronavirus situation changed everything. After the virus’s first attack, when there were no preventions, and no one knew what to do about the situation, everyone started to adapt. There was no other option than coming online and promoting distant working facilities for companies and people. About twenty percent of the currently remotely working people stated that they would better quit the job than joining the nine to five physical office timings. 


As mentioned earlier, According to several trusted sources, the job openings were highest at the beginning of July and August. But, surprisingly, the labor market is going down progressively. You can already guess the reason. None wants to go through the bone-breaking hard work to get the minimum wage when they can easily freelance from home. 

However, this blow is affecting the American economy much. Because this country mostly depends on the workforce and labor from the immigrants. Without the crew, most companies cannot come into action even after the lockdown went off.

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