Key Facts you must know about Elder and Estate law- South Jersey

Do you think Elder Law and Estate Law are interrelated? No, they are not. These laws involve long-term planning for your future, mostly towards the retiring age. How to take the first step towards understanding both the laws? Schedule a meet-up with your attorney to understand and implement these laws for yourself. If you are looking for consultation around the Elder Law South jersey elder law attorney can help you.

What is the key difference between Elder and Estate Law?

Elder law is about your legal rights as you age. And Estate law is about your choices and wishes for the distribution of your assets when you are gone.

Elder law governs broadly around the medical needs, abuses, estate planning of a person.

Estate planning focuses on asset distribution.

How to implement these laws?

Estate Planning is straightforward since it involves discussing the owner’s wishes as to how they want to divide the money assets owned with an Attorney.

Elder law is generally side-lined until some issues. As a responsible fellow citizen, if you see any discrepancy in the behavior towards an aging adult, take mindful action because that old adult might not be in a position to take action or respond. Your action can help someone desperately in need.

How can you do that? Here are a few things that you can assess:

  • The easiest way is to talk to the elderly and get some information

  • This way might not work if the old adult is not able to do so.

  • Try to gather information and evidence if you find something fishy.

  • If you get to talk to the person and they confirm unlawful activities, try and gather evidence, or you can directly bring that to the notice of the local police authorities.

  • Contact the person’s Trust administration or financial institution.

  • Suppose the person is not in a position to talk. In that case, you can cross-check with the trust administration or the person’s financial institution since most unlawful activities are for finances.

  • Contact the nearest Police authority.

If none of these things are possible for you, directly talk to the nearest police or any authority for suspicious activities, and you can request to hide your identity.


In both Estate and Elder law, it is the older population in the picture. However, Estate planning is done by many younger adults these days. And it is wiser to do so.

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