Learning More about Runner Rugs

The runner rug is a particular type of rug used to ‘run’ down narrow and long spaces. Commonly used in areas like hallways, entranceways and stairs and also as a means of adding accents to different rooms. When you buy floor rugs online, Australia or elsewhere, it helps to know the types and the sizes they come in so you get the right one for where you want to place it. Whether you have a home that leans more towards contemporary and modern or traditional or any other style, runner rugs could still be a great addition to the home and a cost-effective way to update the look and add a new dimension to the room.

Versatile uses

One of the interesting things about runner rugs Australia and elsewhere is that they are a lot more versatile than you might realise. As well as placing them in your hallway or stairs you can use them as accent rugs, lay them on top of carpeting, create different effects with them and use them in different guises. You can enhance a space, change the appearance of your bedroom, use them in a playroom, soften the patio, in the family room or kitchen even. Depending on what preferences you have you could even choose to have different runner rugs for different seasons to regularly alter the look of the room depending on the time of year.

Various types and colours

You can also get runner rugs in different styles, materials and colours. Create something warm and cozy, or something cool and modern. You can choose from block colours or patterns to suit your preference and interior design. You have a range of synthetic and natural materials to choose from too so you can choose something easy to look after if that is a focus.

Practical tips on runner rugs

Buy floor rugs online in Australia and you can cover any surface from wooden to concrete to tile and more. It is a good idea though to use some kind of anti-slipping cover under your rugs. This is for safety reasons, there are many accidents and even some deaths where people slip on a rug and bang their heads in a fall. With an anti-slipping device underneath it, you can prevent this keeping yourself safe and others like children who might be running around. When it comes to cleaning and looking after them, runner rugs tend to be very durable and easy to clean because they were designed to go in places where there is a lot of traffic.


Runner rugs, Australia enjoys using in a number of ways are a great thing to invest in. Put them anywhere you want, swap them in and out as you feel like making a change and enjoy what you can add to your home. The possibilities are limitless and prices vary so you can invest in something extravagant or keep it to budget. Take a look online if you want to be further inspired!

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