Looking for a ping checker? Well this is not only a ping checker this is one for all your internet problems.

Have your internet started acting weirdly? But you can point out the issue? Well, here is the best online tool you can use to do ping speed test before you contact your internet helpline. Internet is complicated it can have various issues and every issue has a different impact on your internet performance, for example the packet loss and high ping issue.

Packet loss: Packet loss is actually a kind of delay of your actions that you do using your internet, if you have done anything or performed anything on internet and it doesn’t gets you the reaction back in time, it probably means that your internet is losing packets to reach its destination.

Ping: Ping is most common thing in internet, the higher it goes the longer it takes you to perform an action over the internet. Moreover, the ping sometimes might be the only issue in your internet, so you can use fixubuntu check my ping tool to get an idea on how your internet is doing.

What is a good ping checker?

Well most of the time, when you check your internet performance online, and the results that come out are not pleasing to you, can be the issue in the checker not in your internet, Because most of the ping test online are using single server to check your ping, and if that particular server is far away from your ISP’s server it will definitely show high ping for you. Fixubuntu comes with servers from worldwide, it has 20 servers to check your ping in every corner of the world.

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What is a good ping?

However, ping doesn’t really matter in your normal web browsing. Ping is mostly considered in competitive games like LoL ( league Of Legends ) and PUBG, where a good ping is less than 50 and higher than 100 is believed as high pings as it starts delaying your in-game moves. That’s why having a lower ping brings out the best gaming experience. With fixubuntu worldwide servers lets you check your pubg ping and you can also do your LoL ping test to know what the best server for your internet is.

Possible reasons that why your internet ping is high

  • Host Server: Probably in ping checker the server you’re trying to check ping might be far from your local server.
  • Lower Bandwidth: Your internet server is providing you with less bandwidth or you’re limited to low bandwidth which sometimes results as high ping, as you do multiple tasks with your internet.
  • Router: Router is sometimes the root to all your internet issues, as your router gets old it can also cause the high pings and poor overall quality of your internet.
  • Firewall: Your firewall can also be messed up, causing the ping other internet issues, troubleshooting the firewall could lower your ping.
  • Traffic on your internet: you may be living with your family where your router is providing internet to bunch of devices, which can cause higher latency for you, as your bandwidth might be low and number of devices connected might be more than your device could actually handle.
  • The quality of your ISP: Well, after trying all the fixes and still your ping stays high in ping checker it’s probably the time you say good bye to your ISP, and look for a new one.Read more about:  webeduportal

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