Mixing off Things: Cement Mixers

There is various construction equipment that is very easy to understand. For instance, cranes help in moving up off things, bulldozers push the things, and dump trucks help in loading, moving, and unloading things. But, the exception to this kind of equipment is cement mixers. Before putting your hands in wet cement, you need to mix it. Have you ever wondered how these huge cement mixers work? If yes, then you are lucky. In this article, you will know the details of cement mixers.

What are cement mixers?

Cement mixers are also called concrete mixers, they are a giant addition to any site of construction. The function of this is very easy as it just mixes water, gravel, and sand so that a huge amount of cement is made. Cement mixers have developed much in the following years, and now they can replace the method of mixing cement by hand.

They can offer enough cement at a particular time that it becomes easy and perfect for construction purposes. Use this cement in making walls, buildings, slabs, fencing, and many more things. It seems to be a great machine that makes hard work easy.

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Working of cement mixers

It is very essential to know the working of cement mixers as you have purchased them. And you should have an idea of which project you are working on like – making a fence or making a wall. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection equipment when working with cement. Let’s jump toward the points of working cement mixers.

  • Firstly, measure the water amount for the bags that need to be added to the mixer, then pour half the water into the mixer. Make sure to add water to the mixer before the dry mix.
  • Then you need to turn on the mixer and then add the dry mix to the mixer. Permit the cement to mix for a few minutes and then add the leftover water as required.
  • Then mix the cement for a few minutes, till a constable and uniform cement is not achieved. If more water is required, then you need to add water in small amounts. When taken in hands if the cement retains its shape and hardness then it is mixed properly.
  • Don’t turn off the mixer and place the mixed cement in a wheelbarrow so that it can be easily taken to the work area.

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Why use a cement mixer

Are you wondering why cement can’t be mixed by hand? It can be mixed, but it will result in laborious work and when it becomes worse it seems impossible to do. So, to avoid this use of cement mixers is ensured. It also ensures that all raw materials can mix in a uniform and even manner. It also extends workload that permits workers to mix huge numbers of cement easily, and at a faster speed as compared to hand mixers.

A revolving drum is present inside the truck that offers continuous movement and prevents cement from drying. All this means that you have much time and it ensures the consistency of mixed cement. Cement mixers are of great use in construction sites.

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