Most Luxury Pool Builds Around The World

For many people, there will be a variety of dream houses in their hearts. Variety of styles and the house has a swimming pool, or a home with a swimming pool in the house may be one of the dream houses of many people who said.

When building your own home, homeowners have the freedom to choose the home design and functionality to best meet the lifestyles of all members. Adding an activity area such as a swimming pool into a home is another increasingly popular option. Build a swimming pool to use as an area for exercise activities or enhance the atmosphere to make the house look shady, beautiful, and outstanding.

In that case, you have to need to hire a professional swimming pool contractor to build a stunning swimming pool, so you can visit this link to hire. Whatever,  getting inspiration to making swimming pools in home, let’s take a look at the same most famous swimming pools in the world.

1. Shaw House:

This swimming pool is located in “Vancouver,” Canada, by the design of “Patkau” that wants to convey to everyone that. “Nothing is impossible,” in which he built a pool of just 8 meters in size on a roof with a terrace. There is also a green area for tourists to relax close to nature without being boring.

2. Ubud Hanging Gardens:

It is a swimming pool located in Bali. Indonesia Was built to blend in with the surrounding nature t t feel like it is. “A puddle on the cliff hidden in the middle of the mountain.”

3. Golden Nugget:

In Las Vegas, there is an amazingly built swimming pool that allows you to swim with the sharks because they have made a two-story pool, one for sharks. Including other aquatic animals, Hundreds more and the other floor is a swimming pool for humans.

By the construction of the swimming pool here, it is closely supervised by the hotel science department. Also, have a Lounge around the swimming pool for tourists to swim and relax in the pool.

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4. Tngga House:

The Tngga House Swimming Pool is a swimming pool that does not overlook the sea or the beach. But the designers had a vision for a seaside home and a large aquarium with sharks and fish in a large hotel. The highlight of this pool is that it can be rotated so that the moment even you are sitting in the living room can see the blue water instead of the wall.

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5. Katikies Hotel:

This 5-star luxury hotel is located in Santorini, Greece, and its swimming pool is designed with a white wall surrounding the pool. It’s Looks like a volcanic crater. Set among beautiful views that tourists will enjoy rest until they do not want to return

In addition, the design of the walls surrounding the pool is designed to resemble a volcanic crater and the beautiful views that visitors can experience while swimming—greatly enhancing the enjoyment of relaxation more than a hundred percent.

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6. Joule hotel swimming pool:

The swimming pool of this hotel was built on the upper floor of the National Bank building in Dallas. Rectangular shape the protruding of the building is like a drawer opened by Adam Tihany, one of the American architects, recognized as the most fabulous designer in modern times.

Even though it is only a tiny pool, but it is considered to be a shocking pool for those who come down to swim in the water. Because unless you feel like you’re drifting over people in the bustling city, the front of the pool protrudes into the air beyond the glass-edged building. Causing frightening to people who are extremely afraid of heights.

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