New Online Slots with Free Spins Bonus to Play

Some igamers are just in it for the fun of the spin, others want the thrill of the big bets and high rewards, ambitious players want to score that jackpot, whereas the more finely tuned slot gamers out there will know that it is all about getting achieving the highest free spins bonuses to get the ball rolling – visit no deposit free spins today.

The free spins bonus is one of the most frequently seen bonuses, but that is not to underestimate its abilities. If you manage to score yourself a free spins bonus on online slots then you are basically allowed a free pass to retry on that fateful leaver.

Read on to get our exclusive tips and tricks about free spin bonuses and to know where to go to find those beautiful rewards that keep your online slot game going!

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What is a Free Spin Bonus and how do you get it?

Before we head off on where to get your kicks, you need to know what a free spin is and how to activate it. This might seem like small talk to those big fish out there, but for the small fry just starting out their online gaming career, this is important stuff!

  •         A free spin bonus essentially allows you to try again at no additional cost, meaning that you can keep trying to score the jackpot for no extra wager!
  •         They are triggered in online slot games when specific tokens or icons appear after a spin. Depending on what game you are playing the icons will look different, however, they all mean the same thing… more chances for you to win!
  •         Often, these free spins, once awarded, do not have to be played immediately. This means that you can store up your free spins and use them when you deem them necessary. If you are forced to play them immediately, then do not worry because they will come in very handy whenever they are played.

What New Online Slots Games have a Free Spin Bonus that you Need to Play?

Now that you are all in the know about what spin bonuses are and how to unlock them, you have got to know which games have them so that you can head straight there. After all, there is no point playing a game that does not deliver you the freebies!

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Here are our top three new online slot games that have a free spin bonus feature:

  1.       Mega Moolah – If we sound like we love this classic, it is because we do. It delivers surprise after surprise with its free spin bonuses and hefty jackpots daily!
  2.       Wheel of Fortune – You know the television show and now you know the online slot game for it. Check out Wheel of Fortune if you want a lifelong supply of free slot bonuses.
  3.       Cleopatra – Does it get any more classic than this? Cleopatra is so popular because not only does it spill the dollars at a regular basis, but it also delivers on the free spins!

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