News is at stake in the USA: Media Propaganda or actual condition?

Data is the new currency of this millenial. 2021 is about to start, and by now, we all know the value of news and data. Since the pandemic began, we are not able to leave home and get out. Spread, the only way to know about the outside world and other countries remaining are the newspaper and news channels on TV. Newspapers and dedicated journalists did everything humanly possible to serve us with the latest news regarding vaccine progression, spreading the disease, economic conditions, USA election, and every other topic. But, things are taking a different turn now. Your source for authentic news is at stake now. 

Media blackout

Well, you can not compare the current situation to a real media blackout session at all. Media blackout refers to when a dictator government or rules restrains any news leakage without governmental monitoring. It is not only against the Freedom to know but also similar to altering perception towards events. But, currently, news serving sources, most important newspapers are going out of the market rapidly. 


The first reason is the covid situation currently going on all over the world. Due to the safety protocol, people are not comfortable allowing newspapers from outside in their house. Besides, the ad revenue is getting lower each day. Ad revenue is one of the most significant sources of income for the newspapers. Without primary income sources, an organization can’t function properly. Also, most of the people can not go out to collect the news physically. People are afraid of giving interviews and attending functions. So, showbiz is not as the hotcake as it used to be before. All these factors are working behind the closure of so many renowned newspapers. Authorities should take necessary steps before it’s too late. 

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