Payout on Local Jackpot Slots 

After you have played at a casino for some time, you soon discover that there are quite a few different types of jackpots that are available for punters to win. They vary in prize size and in the frequency in which they drop. The progressive jackpots offer the biggest prizes and so do jackpots that are linked. However, these are the hardest of all the jackpots to win. Perhaps try other games, play Rainbow Riches today. 

Networked jackpots are also hard to land and the values that these jackpots can reach are very similar to progressive jackpots. This is because the pot values are built from bets made by punters across multiple casinos and they are all added to one prize fund. 

Local Jackpots Explained 

For a jackpot to exist you need a prize worth chasing and with local jackpots, this is created by bets that are placed at one particular casino brand. The prize fund is dependant on the popularity of the casino and the number of players it attracts. A percentage of all players wagering either on the casino in general, or on the selected slot, goes towards the local jackpot total. Because these jackpots are local in nature, they tend to have smaller prizes than other jackpots, such as the Jackpot King. You can still win a few hundred or a few thousand pounds and local jackpots tend to be easier to win than the jackpots that boast prizes of a few hundred thousand pounds or more. 

How Do You Win A Jackpot? 

Jackpots, including local jackpots, can be won in various different ways. The easiest way is through a random drop, as you literally do not have to do anything but play the slot and hope for perfect timing.  Random triggers of bonus rounds are also easy ways of being given a shot at winning a bonus. This usual means that you are taken to a wheel where you get a free spin and a chance to win a prize that can include local or progressive jackpots. 

With jackpots there is no real strategy out there that can help you land these lucrative prizes. Obviously, you can target jackpots that are bursting at the seams because the chances are that they are ready to go, or you can target must drop jackpots when they reach the value limits meaning a jackpot win is imminent. With local jackpots all you can do is visit the site frequently and play the relevant games. It is important to realize like any other slot spin, a jackpot winning one is also down to the Random Number Generator. 

  •         Local jackpot amounts are specific to individual casinos 
  •         Because of this, local jackpot prizes tend to be smaller than other prizes 
  •         Jackpots can drop randomly or be part of a bonus game 

Final Thoughts 

Jackpots are a quick way of boosting your casino bankroll and some offer the ultimate prize for gamblers, which is life changing money. Some jackpots are easier to win than others and this includes local jackpots.

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