Planning a Change in Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

When you are planning a home renovation with either the kitchen or bathroom this can also involve changing the countertops. These are the two rooms people most often renovate and decorate, they are the hardest used rooms in a home and they are what buyers look at when it comes to selling. Investing in decent bathroom countertops LBI makes the space better to use and live with and adds value to your home. There are a lot of options when it comes to the material, you just need to ensure they are waterproof, and also that the ones in the kitchen are safe to prepare food on. You do not have to spend a huge sum of money on new countertops, it all depends on what you want them made from. Here are some of your options.

What material works in both rooms?

A lot of people like to choose one type for both rooms, sometimes you can get discounts on ordering more of the same material, sometimes it is easier in terms of supply and shipping. Both need to be anti-microbial and water-resistant and ideally, you want something that lasts a decent time, and in the kitchen especially, kitchen countertops Wall NJ need to handle the odd ding, scratch or messy spill.

Quartz – Quartz is a popular choice for its water resistance, scratch resistance and is non-porous. Where other stones need a coating or layer of sealant to achieve that, Quartz has those qualities naturally. It is very flexible as well in colours you can find, grain and it suits a lot of different styles and looks.

Silestone – If you are looking for a green material then this might be the best option for your bathroom countertops LBI. it is an engineered material that uses quartz that has been environmentally responsibly mined with recycled materials. Silestone should be certified as a green material and it also does not create any emissions when it is setting. It is water repellent, prevents germs, bacteria and mould from growing and is common in commercial kitchens and hospitals for those very good reasons.

Other options

There are plenty of other options and two popular ones are granite and marble. Granite is durable and easy to look after but does need a protective layer and occasional reapplication of the sealant over the years. It is great for creating a modern-looking bathroom or for kitchen countertops LBI. Marble is beautiful but is more work as this is one of the stones that are porous and soft so scratches easily and stains too. In a busy heavy use kitchen, one that has children banging things and spilling things, or one where the cook might not be always in control there is a chance that even though it also has a protective layer, that it will get banged up and stained over time. When you are unsure of what material to choose talk to your expert installers and they can help guide you to the best choice to suit your style and lifestyle.

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