Popular Healthy And Tasty Cakes 

When the thought of cake comes to our minds, we often dream about its cream-filled layers, it’s the sugary sweet taste, its spongy texture, and its awe-inspiring flavour – all of which hints that cakes are tasty no doubt, but are equally unhealthy. Isn’t it? We cannot possibly imagine any special; occasions/festivals to be complete without marking it with a show-stopping cake’s presence. But when it comes to doing a calorie check or abiding by a weight loss plan, cakes seem to be the last thing that people might like to relish. But what if we tell you that some cakes are healthier and equally tasty as the unhealthy ones? Would you care to give those delicious cakes a try? We know you would, that is why we are delighted to share these wholesome, healthy cakes with you all of which would be made readily available at some designer cake delivery in Delhistore or even across some bakeries in other cities. You can even choose to bake these cakes in no time; recipes can be easily found over the world wide web. 

  1. Yoghurt Cake – A must-try delicious cake that is absolutely low sugar, and packed with nutrients, but it’s also inexpensive and super easy to make. Loaded with yoghurt and substituted with unrefined cane sugar in place of refined sugar, a moist yoghurt cake with hints of lemon and fruity jam is sure to change your conception about “all cakes being unhealthy”. 
  2. Vegan Chocolate Cake – The eggless, vegan, simple moist chocolate cake is sure to become the best friend of all your fitness enthusiast chocolate cake lovers. Not just it contains less fat (just only a few tbsps of vegetable oil), but the entire baking procedure of this cake is so simple that it is a bonus for every vegan baker out there. So, make sure to give this cake a try at baking!
  3. Carrot Cake – Having a nutritious veggie in your cake doesn’t just make it absolutely healthy but also gives a cake light, melt in your mouth, and naturally sweetened and creamed cake without the excess use of sugar or butter. You can bake this sweet delight is just no time and is healthy to the core so much so that even a gym-freak would love to relish this cake on his/her cheat day.
  4. Apple Cake – Loaded with yoghurt and fresh crunchy apples, this wholesome apple cake is delicious and moist. Not too overly sweet, this apple cake seems to have every health-conscious person’s heart simply for the primary reason that it doesn’t contain any refined ingredients, which makes it indeed a real hearty, fruity cake. 
  5. Vegan Rhubarb Streusel Cake – Giving an edgy, healthier twist to an eminent German classic cake, made with coconut sugar and a soft spelt base, vegan Rhubarb Streusel cake is not just relished as a dessert item but also can be relished as a breakfast item. There are a sweet bread base, some fruits and crumble topping, for you to dig in, as and when you finish assembling this cake.
  6. Beetroot Chocolate Cake – Delicious would be an understatement to describe the goodness, flavour, texture, and taste of this moist, delicious, and loaded with nutrients beetroot chocolate cake. The flavour of this cake is quite subtle, but its ruby colour and moistness due to the presence of beetroots in it makes it not just appealing to the eyes but also to our taste buds. 
  7. Almond Flour Cake With Honey Roasted Figs – Too pretty to eat, but this sweet delicacy is absolutely gluten-free and free of refined sugars too. The use of honey has helped this cake turn out to be much healthier than just roasted figs and almond flour would have made it. It looks delish but tastes even better. Don’t just take our words for itself, try it on your own to know it for yourselves. 
  8. Chocolate Zucchini Bread – No one would have ever imagined baking a cake with a veggie like Zucchini. But let us tell you that, it’s 110% possible! Loaded with wholewheat flour and unsweetened cocoa powder and also being low in sugar content, this chocolatey delight will make a weeklong treat for bunches and breakfasts. 

So, what’s your pick going to be as you tread on the road leading towards the world of health, fitness, and much more?

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